Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Warren in 2023


Growing Cannabis in Warren

Using cannabis can bring you peace of mind. For many, marijuana is a source of relief from the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Of course, if you are thinking of growing your own cannabis, you likely already know this. You have your reasons for using marijuana. In fact, you might even have already grown some plants in Warren in the past. Michigan may have only legalized recreational marijuana a couple years ago, but that gives you enough time to get used to it. It’s time to get used to getting your cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. We offer a germination guarantee and quality service. Plenty of people in Michigan are already taking advantage of that. These are the top five cannabis seed strains in Warren.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Warren

Sour OG feminized cannabis seeds


Sour OG feminized cannabis seeds

Sour OG is one of those strains that you can just look at and see how potent it is. If the stress and tension of the day hold you back from unwinding after work, you will enjoy the soothing effects of Sour OG marijuana, a balanced hybrid with impressive genetics.

Chocolope feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Chocolope feminized cannabis seeds

Love chocolate? Then you’ll love Chocolope marijuana, a velvety smooth sativa-dominant cannabis that provides a boost of energy and motivation to help you get through the day. It’s like candy for your wellbeing.

Kali Mist feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Kali Mist feminized cannabis seeds

Having taken first place three times in different marijuana competitions in its storied history, Kali Mist marijuana is the award-winning, sativa-dominant strain you didn’t know you needed in your life. If you love a winner in Warren, this could be the one for you.

Super Lemon Haze feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Super Lemon Haze feminized cannabis seeds

If your mornings are sluggish with no pep in your step, a little bit of Super Lemon Haze marijuana will turn your frown upside down so you can start the day off right. Super Lemon Haze marijuana is a candy-sweet whiff of lemony smoke cut through with hints of earth and spice.

Tangie feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Tangie feminized cannabis seeds

Tangie marijuana is another of our award-winning cannabis strains with superior genetics. Sativa effects dominate this sweetly-fragranced, juicy dream that gifts its fans with an euphoric but clear-headed high that lasts and lasts.

Can I Grow Cannabis in Michigan?

Thanks to home cultivation laws, you can also purchase cannabis seeds from Growers Choice and germinate your own seeds right at home. Michigan residents with proper documentation are permitted to grow up to 12 cannabis plants for personal use. There are specific rules to which your garden must adhere, though, so be certain to check with the laws in your region.

Cannabis Seed Delivery

Kudos to you folks in Warren, Michigan who have an eye for award-winning strains apparently. Of course, just because a strain hasn’t taken home some sort of award doesn’t mean it isn’t fantastic. It might be more of what you need. After all, the two members of the top five cannabis seed strains in Warren we mentioned are both sativa dominant. You may be more of an indica person. We have seeds for plants of that kind as well. Growers Choice has a whole bunch of great stuff just waiting for you.


Rated 5 out of 5

I was floored by Growers Choice’s selection! It was actually hard to choose which seeds to buy. Not that I mind! I love having all these awesome choices!

Tom C., Warren, Michigan

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