Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Troy in 2023


How to get cannabis seeds in Troy, Michigan

It’s time to conquer growing cannabis. That starts with Growers Choice Seeds. Our quality seeds are available for incredible strains of all sorts, from sativas to indicas to hybrids. If you like a marijuana strain, we almost definitely have the seeds for it. Among the top five cannabis seed strains for Troy, Michigan, we have:

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Troy


Love Potion #1 feminized cannabis seeds

Love Potion #1 cannabis offers acute cerebral effects combined with a sharpened focus and a potent energy boost that leaves even seasoned users feeling euphoric, soothed, and aroused.

No. 2

Martian Candy feminized cannabis seeds

Get ready to fly among the stars. With Martian Candy, you’ll be met with a rush of euphoria that will instill a sense of calm, allowing your thoughts and body to flow freely, as though relieved of Earth’s gravity.

No. 3

Medicine Man feminized cannabis seeds

Relaxing Medicine Man kicks the clutter out of your mind allowing you to better focus and think more clearly and creatively.

No. 4

Michael Phelps feminized cannabis seeds

Michael Phelps is a potent nighttime strain that provides calm, relaxation, and, ironically, will have you feeling lethargic!

No. 5

Neville’s Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Neville’s Haze is one fun rollercoaster complete with all the glee and delight, plus the gliding slowdown at the end.

Green cannabis leaves on a plant
Cheese autoflowering cannabis seeds do indeed produce a cheesy, skunky aroma that some growers love
Source: Unsplash

The legality of marijuana in Michigan

Growing marijuana can be fun and relaxing. Also, it will save you a lot of money in the long run if you are a regular marijuana user. For regular marijuana users in Michigan, the way that visiting a dispensary can hit your pocket is probably starting to become quite clear.

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Michigan for a couple of years now, and dispensaries are starting to pop up more and more. If the prices at a dispensary give you sticker shock, we’d suggest growing marijuana as an alternative. All you have to pay for is seeds and reusable equipment!

Beach and forest from a bird’s eye view
Want to grow cannabis in Troy? Buy marijuana seeds online using our website
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High-quality cannabis seeds in Troy, Michigan

Another reason why you can feel comfortable growing your own cannabis at home is the fact that our seeds are of the highest quality, which yields a crop you can appreciate and count on. Not every cannabis seed is cut from the same cloth, we assure you.

At Growers Choice, we offer fully-feminized seeds to all our customers. Only female marijuana plants have THC-rich buds, so why not buy seeds that will grow female plants each and every time? With Growers Choice Seeds, you get that peace of mind.

Get cannabis seeds delivered to Troy, Michigan

What are you waiting for? Why not buy seeds for one of the five top cannabis seed strains we already showed you? Or hey, check out our online catalog to find a strain or strains, you prefer. They can all be delivered right to you in Troy, Michigan each and every time. Place that first order, and we bet it will be the first of many with us!

Rated 5 out of 5

I just harvested my first couple of cannabis plants. It was easier than I expected to grow my own cannabis, and the quality of my high is just as good as when I was going to the dispensary.

Alex C., Troy, Michigan

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