Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Tampa in 2023


Getting cannabis seeds in Tampa, Florida

Growers Choice Seeds is here for Tampa. Also, can we get a little credit for calling you “Tampa,” and not “Tampa Bay?” All those sports teams have really confused people into thinking the name of the city is Tampa Bay. We used to be like that, but then we learned. Kind of like how we learned to be the best company for cannabis seeds out there. If you want to grow your own cannabis plants in Tampa, Florida, Growers Choice Seeds wants to help. For starters, let’s check out five of our top cannabis seed strains at the moment.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Tampa

Banana OG feminized cannabis seeds


Banana OG feminized cannabis seeds

With ample THC and a sticky-sweet aroma that lingers long after it’s gone, Banana OG marijuana is as sweet as a sundae on a summer’s day in Tampa, Florida.

Chernobyl feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Chernobyl feminized cannabis seeds

What’s in a name? While its moniker may carry ominous connotations, Chernobyl marijuana is a wake-and-bake strain that will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. A practiced hand will help it reach its full potential – around 14 ounces per plant/square meter.

Cherry Pie feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Cherry Pie feminized cannabis seeds

First, it feels a little weird to have Chernobyl in between Banana OG and Cherry Pie, but here we are. As sweet as the baked good fresh out of the oven, Cherry Pie marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid with delicious cerebral effects.

Ewok feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Ewok feminized cannabis seeds

Only cuddly in appearance, Ewok marijuana is a potent hybrid with versatile effects. A strong aroma and high-THC content characterize Ewok, a resilient strain that has something for everyone.

No. 5

Dancehall feminized cannabis seeds

Dancehall marijuana might not have you moving your hips, but this sativa strain is the life of the party none the same. A mild fragrance and higher-than-average CBD content make Dancehall a great option for beginners in all respects.

Cannabis laws in Tampa, Florida

Florida is the Sunshine State. As such, let’s shed some light on the cannabis situation in Florida. Legally speaking, that is. What’s the story of marijuana use in Tampa? Let’s discuss.

In 2016, Florida legalized medical marijuana. That’s as far as the state has gotten, though. The city of Tampa did decriminalize marijuana as well, but that’s not the same thing as legalization. A first offense is a fine for $75, a second offense is $150, and a third offense is $300. That’s not cheap. Using marijuana without a medical card in Florida, even in Tampa, is admittedly running a risk.

What Growers Choice can do for Tampa, Florida

If you buy cannabis seeds from us sometime, you can trust in the quality. Our seeds are all lab tested. We also hand select every seed when your order is placed. Nothing is prepackaged. We are able to double check our seeds that way, making sure only quality seeds are sold to our customers.

We offer dozens of quality cannabis strains. Whatever you are looking for, you can place an order through our website.

get top strains in Tampa

You can get cannabis delivery too!

How could this be any better? Well, recreational marijuana could be legal in Florida, and hopefully it will be someday. Growers Choice Seeds can’t do anything about that, though. What we can do is deliver seed orders swiftly and reliably. Whether you are in Tampa, Florida or Seattle, Washington, Growers Choice is happy to deliver to you.

Rated 5 out of 5

I love growing plants and gardening, so the idea of growing my own cannabis is ideal for me. I could save a ton of money that way too!

Nicole P., Tampa, Florida

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