Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in St. Cloud in 2023


Cannabis seeds for St. Cloud, Minnesota

Some people use marijuana for their health. Some use it recreationally. Either way, they enjoy marijuana and make it a big part of their lives. More and more of these people are growing their own marijuana plants as well. Growers Choice Seeds provides seeds to those people. With our quality seeds, you can be on Cloud Nine! Check out these five top cannabis seed strains for St. Cloud, Minnesota:

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in St. Cloud

Mendocino Purps feminized cannabis seeds


Mendocino Purps feminized cannabis seeds

Mendocino Purps marijuana is an award-winning hybrid that requires a practiced hand to coax a bountiful yield of deep green and purple buds. The potent strain has something for everyone, with indica-leaning characteristics best saved for an evening in.

Middlefork feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Middlefork feminized cannabis seeds

High yielding and easy in the garden, it’s simple to see why fragrant and potent Middlefork cannabis seeds consistently rank among the world’s best strains.

Raskal OG feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Raskal OG feminized cannabis seeds

Creativity waning? With a sativa-driven euphoria that has the power to lift spirits, Raskal OG marijuana is the powerful hybrid you need to imbue your day with creativity and purpose.

SAGE feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

SAGE feminized cannabis seeds

A perfect hybrid in every way, SAGE marijuana is a well-rounded and versatile strain that delivers an exceptional experience to consumers from every background.

SFV OG feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

SFV OG feminized cannabis seeds

A California dream, SFV OG marijuana is pungent, potent, and will put a smile on your face as you settle into the comfort of your couch. The indica-dominant hybrid requires a moderate skill level to bring out the best it has to offer.

The legality of marijuana in St. Cloud, Minnesota

We don’t want to rain on your parade, but we have to for a moment. If recreational marijuana was legal all across the United States, all would be well. Someday, that may be the case. Right now, though, that is not the circumstances we live in. Minnesota has not legalized recreational marijuana yet. Efforts have been made, and THC derived from hemp is legal in small amounts in food and drinks. At the moment, only medical marijuana is legal in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Someday, perhaps it will be the Land of Legalized Marijuana as well.

Get the good stuff in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Don’t settle for any old cannabis seeds. If you want to make cookies, you care about the quality of your ingredients, right? Poor ingredients mean cookies that you aren’t going to want to eat. Quality matters when growing marijuana plants as well. Growers Choice Seeds is dedicated to quality. We make the effort to provide our customers with the best cannabis seeds possible. The better your seeds, the better a chance you have at growing a robust marijuana plant. Every seed you get sent to you has passed a lab test with flying colors. We’ve already tested it for quality when we send it to you.


Cannabis seed delivery for you in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Your seeds will be lab tested when you get them from Growers Choice Seeds, but they will also be delivered to you. That’s right, we deliver! Who doesn’t like the convenience of delivery? It saves time and energy. Growers Choice Seeds can help you grow marijuana in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The sun is shining down on you.

Rated 5 out of 5

I enjoy a nice sativa strain. I find them invigorating and would love to be able to grow my own plants.

Olive M., St. Cloud, Minnesota

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