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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Southfield in 2023


Enjoy cannabis seeds in Southfield, Michigan

When you use marijuana, you can get a lot of benefits. However, why leave it there? You could be growing your own marijuana at home! It’s quite rewarding, and also can save you quite a bit of money in the long run. If you use marijuana regularly, it makes sense to grow it at home, and that starts with seeds. Growers Choice Seeds is here for you, and we have some new cannabis seed strains we think you may want to try:

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Southfield

Charlie Sheen autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds


Charlie Sheen autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds

If you’re even somewhat familiar with this self-proclaimed “tiger-blooded” actor, you have something of an idea what you’re in for with this indica-dominant hybrid that’s also known as “Charlie Sheen OG.” Charlie Sheen— the strain, not the man—is the offspring of a three-way cross, something the man himself would probably be pleased to know, of OG Kush, Green Crack, and Blue Dream.

Chocolate Chunk feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Chocolate Chunk feminized cannabis seeds

Tasting exactly as its name suggests, pure indica Chocolate Chunk provides a feeling of endless elation and some welcomed cozy sedation.

Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Critical Jack feminized cannabis seeds

Critical Jack is a well-balanced, invigorating, happiness-inducing strain without being too intense or extreme in its mental or physical buzz.

GMO Cookies feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

GMO Cookies feminized cannabis seeds

Unlike the majority of indica-dominant strains, GMO Cookies makes for great anytime usage as it’s not known for being a couch-locker.

Golden Goat feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Golden Goat feminized cannabis seeds

Golden Goat makes for a great day or nighttime high with its happy, buzzy sativa cerebral high and indica-induced body-calming effects.

Cannabis buds in a plastic container
Growers love Afghan seeds for their ability to reduce stress and promote better sleep
Source: Pexels

Is marijuana legal in Michigan?

Growers Choice Seeds is, well, growing, because more and more people are cultivating their own marijuana at home. People are realizing the benefits of doing that, but also marijuana legality is increasing.

Michiganders know a little something about that. Recreational marijuana was legalized there a few years ago. Dispensaries are becoming more common, but they aren’t all over the place either. Maybe you don’t have a reliable dispensary by you in Southfield, but that’s not a concern when you buy seeds from Growers Choice.

Street sign that says Michigan
Cannabis growers in Southfield can buy their weed seeds online
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Enjoy cannabis seeds you can trust in Southfield, Michigan

It doesn’t take a green thumb to handle growing cannabis. The plant is easier to grow than most. Of course, even if you have a green thumb, if you don’t have quality seeds you are out of luck.

Growers Choice Seeds is dedicated to giving our customers a headstart with the top-quality seeds on the market. If that wasn’t enough, we also look out for you in case of the occasionally fluky issue on the cannabis seed front. We have a germination guarantee on every order. If at least 90 percent of your seeds don’t germinate, we will replace them.

Delivery on all your orders to Southfield, Michigan

Dispensaries can be time-consuming. Sure, sometimes you don’t mind hanging out, but there are busy people out there. With Growers Choice Seeds, all you have to do is visit our website. Place an order with us, and then we will deliver the seeds right to you. What could be simpler? Try a new strain, or go with a favorite. Enjoy!

Rated 5 out of 5

There are so many strains Growers Choice Seeds have that I didn’t even know existed. I decided to get seeds for a couple. It’s fun to try new stuff!

Jill K., Southfield, Michigan

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