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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Pueblo in 2022


Looking for the best cannabis seeds? You found ‘em!

Hey there, and welcome to Grower’s Choice! We sell cannabis seeds online at affordable prices. The products we sell range in effects, growing practices, and potency because we know not everyone is looking for the same product. So if you’re looking for a hobby or a new occupation in Pueblo, Colorado, look no further!

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Pueblo

Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds

When you’re low in energy and need a boost of creativity or a stress-relieving tool, Green Crack is the cannabis seed strain for you. After use, it will provide hours of energy, along with euphoric feelings. The strain is a sativa-dominant choice back by Skunk #1 and a touch of Afghani; basically, it’s a combo of some of the best strains in the business. If you need to get those pesky chores down or just a boost of productivity, run, don’t walk, and buy this strain!

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis is typically used for its relaxing effects, but once you try Critical Kush, you’ll realize you’ve never had anything like it. The strain has a reputation amongst certain users for providing pain and stress relief, and is the child of the much-loved Critical Mass and OG Kush.

CBD Critical Mango Medical Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

CBD Critical Mango Medical Cannabis Seeds

Critical Mango is the only CBD-centric strain on the list, but don’t let that fool you with its powerful effects. After you’ve experienced the full-body, ultra-deep relaxing effects, you’ll never have to look for another source again. It’s you’re feeling a bit nauseous or need a boost of confidence or positivity, make sure to have this strain around.

Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Power Plant Cannabis Seeds

Thanks to the 80% sativa in this strain, Power Plant will set you up for automatic success. You’ll not only experience a happy and uplifting high but will also relax you to no end. With a peppery, woodsy flavor, anyone who tries this strain will experience a cheerful, social and creative high that could be a bit strong for first-time users.

Skunk Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Skunk Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Despite its relatively low THC level of about 12%, Skunk Autoflowering packs a punch with deep, full-body relaxation and a happy, euphoric high. You’ll find yourself feeling sleepy but uplifted, while stress is washed away. An excellent evening strain, Skunk Auto-Flowering is sure to become your go-to wind-down option.

How to germinate cannabis seeds

With Colorado weather being relatively unpredictable, it’s hard to nail down the exact right time to plant your pot seeds, if you’re planning on growing outdoors, that is. Your best bet is to start your cannabis seeds as seedlings inside in March, and they should be ready by the beginning of may be planted outside in a greenhouse (Colorado law states that cannabis plants must remain closed off at all times (as in a greenhouse or basement). Planting your weed seeds indoors, on the other hand, means you can grow potent pot year-round, and you aren’t restricted by unpredictable weather patterns or natural fluctuations in sunlight.

One-stop-shop for cannabis seeds in Pueblo, Colorado

Grower’s Choice offers various products because one size doesn’t fit all. Grower’s Choice wants to be available to everyone looking for affordable products they can grow independently. We’re entirely online, so you can shop at your leisure in Pueblo, Colorado.

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At first, I thought the experience would cost me an arm and a leg, but upon further research, I realized that growing cannabis seeds in Pueblo was right up my alley. Paired with excellent customer service, Grower’s Choice is one of the best companies I’ve purchased from in a long time.

Ralph C., Pueblo, CO

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