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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Peoria in 2023


People enjoy growing cannabis plants in Peoria, Illinois!

Does growing marijuana play in Peoria? You’d better believe it! Marijuana is good enough as is. You can enjoy having a good time or get real mental and physical health benefits. There are benefits to growing your own cannabis in Peoria, Illinois as well. That’s especially true when you grow one of these, the top five cannabis seed strains in Illinois currently being sold by Growers Choice Seeds.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Peoria

Bay 11 feminized cannabis seeds


Bay 11 feminized cannabis seeds

Perfection in pot form, Bay 11 marijuana is an award-winning hybrid with something for everyone, not to mention an intoxicating aroma and yield that will blow your mind.

Cinex Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Cinex Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Mind your mood with Cinex marijuana, a skunky-sweet hybrid that will make your day and events a little more exciting.

Dirty Girl feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Dirty Girl feminized cannabis seeds

Somewhat of a misnomer, Dirty Girl marijuana will treat you very nicely, thanks to a soaring-THC content and a gentle high that will improve your mood and make social gatherings that much more enjoyable.

Ghost Train Haze feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Ghost Train Haze feminized cannabis seeds

High sativa and THC combine in Ghost Train Haze marijuana for a cerebral experience that soothes and relaxes for a euphoric, energizing experience. Best grown by those with at least intermediate experience.

Lamb’s Bread feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Lamb’s Bread feminized cannabis seeds

Lamb’s Bread marijuana will bring a touch of the Caribbean to your day no matter where you are. A euphoria-driven sativa, this strain will get your creative juices flowing.

The cannabis laws of Illinois

Where does cannabis stand in the Land of Lincoln? Not every state has the same marijuana laws. Some states let adults use it freely, while others don’t let anybody use it, even if they could really benefit from it. What about Illinois? You are legally allowed to use marijuana recreationally in Peoria, but there is an important caveat for those who want to grow their own marijuana at home. Currently, that is only legal for medical marijuana users, who are allowed to grow up to five plants at a time. Without a license, you could face a fine of up to $200 for growing marijuana if you are caught.

Get the good stuff in Peoria, Illinois

Growers Choice Seeds lab tests all of our seeds. When you place an order, your seeds will be hand selected for it. Nothing is already packaged. Each order is individualized. On top of that, every seed is fully feminized, which means every seed will grow a female marijuana plant. We believe in our quality so much every order comes with a germination guarantee. If at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order don’t germinate, we will replace them for you. That’s one less thing to worry about!

get top strains in Peoria

Delivery to your door in Peoria

You can peruse the Growers Choice Seeds website today. Find the strains you like the best. Maybe you are a sativa lover, or maybe you are all about indicas. Whatever seeds you choose, once you place your order we will get to work delivering them to you as quickly as possible. Then, you can get in on the fun of growing your own marijuana to enjoy. And we hope you really enjoy your favorite cannabis strains in Peoria, Illinois.

Rated 5 out of 5

Growers Choice has great seeds! They are the only cannabis seed company I need.

Rob H., Peoria, Illinois

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