Cannabis seeds for Pennsylvania

Growers Choice Seeds sees itself as a keystone company in the world of cannabis. We sell seeds to people who want to grow cannabis at home for personal use. Personally, we think we have an unparalleled selection of cannabis seed strains. Want some proof? Check out these five top strains, Pennsylvania!

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Pennsylvania



Tangie feminized cannabis seeds

Tangie marijuana is an award-winning cannabis strain with superior genetics. Sativa effects dominate this sweetly-fragranced, juicy dream that gifts its fans with an euphoric but clear-headed high that lasts.

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Afgoo feminized cannabis seeds

Afgoo marijuana is a strong, potent indica strain that will knock you off your feet in every sense. From a ridiculous content of THC to a ridiculous yield, it’s the marijuana strain that keeps on giving.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Berry White feminized cannabis seeds

As smooth as the crooner for whom its named, Berry White marijuana seeds produce sturdy, plants with an enviable yield that will sweep you off your feet in Pennsylvania.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Herijuana feminized cannabis seeds

Seductively aromatic, Herijuana marijuana is a versatile indica that delivers delicious sedation and soothing relaxation for an evening of rest and relief.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Ingrid feminized cannabis seeds

Ingrid marijuana comes dressed to impress. A bushy indica-dominant strain with a high-THC content, her nimble and gentle effects will help take the edge off even the most stressful of days.

Is cannabis legal in Pennsylvania?

Marijuana law differs from state to state. Things range from legal recreational marijuana for all adults to not legal at all. Where does Pennsylvania fall?

The state legalized medical marijauna in 2016, though it did not provide for home growth. That being said, it seems like the state is really pushing toward legal recreational marijuana. In 2020, Governor Tom Wolf went hard on trying to get marijuana legalized. It hasn’t happened yet, but all the biggest cities have decriminalized it. In Philadelphia and Pittsburgh you can possess up to 30 grams and only pay a $25 fine. At that point, recreational marijuana can’t be that far behind.