How to get cannabis seeds in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Cannabis seeds aren’t just a pet project to us. This is our business. We sell cannabis seeds to people who want to grow their own cannabis plants for personal use. Marijuana can benefit your health, and growing your own plants has its perks as well. Here’s a high five from us to you in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, by which we mean five cannabis seed strains that are getting high marks from our customers right now.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Pawtucket



Berry White feminized cannabis seeds

As smooth as the crooner for whom its named, Berry White marijuana seeds produce sturdy, plants with an enviable yield that will sweep you off your feet.

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Herijuana feminized cannabis seeds

Seductively aromatic, Herijuana marijuana is a versatile indica that delivers decadent sedation and soothing relaxation for an evening of rest and relief.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Ingrid feminized cannabis seeds

Ingrid marijuana comes dressed to impress! A bushy, indica-dominant strain with a high-THC content, her nimble and gentle effects will help take the edge off even the most stressful of days.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Kosher Kush feminized cannabis seeds

Kosher Kush marijuana is a pure indica that will impress with its fast-acting sedation and relaxing effects. Wind down with a soothing, easy-to-grow strain that pairs well with friends.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Lavender feminized cannabis seeds

Easy on the eyes and nose, Lavender marijuana is a deliciously potent indica that sets in slowly but offers high that appeals to both body and mind. Its sturdy structure and unfussy profile make it an optimal choice for beginner gardeners.

Cannabis legality in Rhode Island

So, let’s say you want to buy marijuana in Rhode Island. How does that work? Where does marijuana stand in the state? Let’s dive into it!

Rhode Island has decriminalized marijuana, but that’s not the same thing as legalization. It just means unlawful possession of small amounts of marijuana results in a citation. Some people are able to use marijuana legally in Rhode Island, though, because medical marijuana is legal. Now, the state likely regulates who can and can’t grow marijuana, even for those with medical marijuana cards. That’s something you might want to check into.

All Growers Choice can do for you in Pawtucket

With Growers Choice, you can order cannabis seeds online. For any given strain you can order three seeds, five seeds, 10 seeds, or 25 seeds. Obviously, the more seeds you buy, the less you pay for each seed. How much you want is up to you.

Every seed you buy will be hand selected when you place your order. Nothing is prepackaged. On top of that, we offer a germination guarantee on all of our seeds as well!


You can get delivery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

There’s so much marijuana can do for you, and so much that Growers Choice can do for you as well. If you buy cannabis seeds in Pawtucket, Rhode Island from us, we will deliver them to you. Each and every cannabis seed strain we have available in our catalog can be delivered. We hope if you buy cannabis seeds from us, you will leave us a review once they germinate!

Rated 5 out of 5

I use marijuana for insomnia. I know people who use it for stress and anxiety. It’s pretty great, and Growers Choice has my favorite strains, so I definitely would be down to have seeds delivered from them.