Growers Choice Seeds and cannabis in New Jersey

Greetings from the West Coast! Growers Choice Seeds is a California-based company helping people buy cannabis seeds in order to grow plants for personal use. There are a lot of potential benefits to that. If you are intrigued by growing cannabis in New Jersey, let’s start by delving into five of our top cannabis seed strains at the moment.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in New Jersey



Purple Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Called the ultimate mood-booster, Purple Haze cannabis seeds produce a happy, cheerful, and euphoric high that also aids in insomnia and restlessness at night. Many users find this strain’s blueberry flavor delicious!

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds

As you’d expect from the name, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds smell like a field of strawberries. This sativa-dominant strain comes with a highly easygoing and smooth experience without unwanted side effects.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds

Zkittlez cannabis seeds smell and produce a fragrance that’s reminiscent of candy. This 50/50 strain leans heavily on the indica side in terms of effects, meaning you can count on it to alleviate insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Acapulco Gold feminized cannabis seeds

A sativa-dominant strain that’s all about boosting mood and energy, Acapulco Gold leaves you feeling cheerful and euphoric, and it delivers these caffeine-like effects without those pesky jitters.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Panama Red feminized cannabis seeds

Somewhat of an old-school strain, Panama Red marijuana seeds deliver a gentle rush of euphoria to the brain to combat depression and worrisome thinking. This pure sativa can help put you on the right track for the day with a good mood.

Cannabis laws in New Jersey

Cannabis laws are changing all over the country. Take New Jersey as an example. In February of 2021, the state legalized recreational marijuana. That puts you in league with states like our native California.

However, recreational marijuana is still being rolled out. Currently, growing cannabis at home is prohibited. This will likely change. In many states that have legalized recreational marijuana it usually is a year or two before home cultivation is allowed. Now, would anybody know or care if you were growing a plant or two in your home for personal use? It feels unlikely, but that’s really up for you. What we do know is you can buy seeds now and save them for when home cultivation is legalized.