Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Nampa in 2023


How to get cannabis seeds in Nampa, Idaho

Growers Choice Seeds can provide cannabis seeds from Tampa, Florida to Nampa, Idaho, and everywhere in between. Why buy cannabis seeds in Nampa? So that you can someday grow cannabis plants for your personal use. If you know cannabis, you may have a favorite strain or two, but here are five top cannabis strains we sell seeds for you might want to check out.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Nampa

Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds


Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds

If you’re a fan of Kush strains that offer a bit of a mood boost, try our Bubba Kush feminized cannabis seeds on for size.

Mazar feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Mazar feminized cannabis seeds

A high-indica strain is known for its potent relaxation effects, Mazar feminized cannabis seeds can likely uplift your mood! A moderate level of THC provides both physical and mental sensations ideal for relaxing in the evening or on lazy days.

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds

The trichome-coated, neon-green buds grown from OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds have an early effect of heavy euphoria, paired with both a physical and a mental high. As a result, most users find the strain leaves them with a relaxed and happy feeling.

Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds

If you need a bit of energy, why not try Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds? Long-lasting and definitely sativa-dominant, this strain grows tall and proud and can produce a good yield of euphoric buds.

Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds

A combo of Critical Mass and renowned OG Kush, this indica strain offers a speedy grow time and good yield. Order up your earthy, happy Critical Kush today.

Is cannabis legal in Idaho?

Different states have different cannabis laws. For example, Idaho is right there by Washington and Oregon, two states with legal recreational marijuana. Idaho, though, is a different story.

Your state currently has no legal marijuana. It’s not decriminalized in any capacity. Idaho is one of only 11 states with fully-illegal marijuana. There have been some legal efforts to change that, but so far they have not proven fruitful.

Enjoy quality cannabis seeds in Nampa, Idaho

Growers Choice Seeds still wants to talk to you about our seeds. It’s possible the laws might change in the next year or so, or perhaps you will move over to Washington or Oregon. At that point, you’ll be ready to grow your own cannabis plants with seeds from Growers Choice.

Who doesn’t like a guarantee from a business? It allows you to have way more confidence in taking the plunge. Well Growers Choice has a germination guarantee on all of our seeds. If your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll make up for it. Not that we’re worried about that happening.

get top strains in Nampa

Cannabis seed delivery from Growers Choice

We have customers in Washington and Oregon. How do they buy seeds from us? They use our website, and then we deliver the seeds right to them. Doesn’t that sound great? Perhaps someday soon you will be buying cannabis seeds from us in Nampa, Idaho. Growers Choice Seeds will be waiting.

Rated 5 out of 5

I like a company that has fast delivery. It’s convenient to not have to go out, especially since I had kids, and the faster the better!

Renee L., Nampa, Idaho

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