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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Las Vegas in 2023

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Viva cannabis seeds in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a 24/7 kind of town. There’s always something going on in Sin City, but that can be draining. We bet there’s plenty of people dealing with feelings of overwhelm and sleeplessness in Vegas. They could all potentially benefit from cannabis. Many of them already are. Now, though, more and more people are starting to grow their own marijuana plants as well. This is where Growers Choice Seeds comes in. Here are five cannabis seeds strains for Las Vegas, Nevada residents who want to grow their own plants.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Las Vegas



Afgoo feminized cannabis seeds

Afgoo marijuana is a strong, potent indica strain that will knock you off your feet in every sense. From a ridiculous content of THC to a ridiculous yield, it’s the marijuana strain that keeps on giving.

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Berry White feminized cannabis seeds

As smooth as the crooner for whom it is named, Berry White marijuana seeds produce sturdy, plants with an enviable yield that will sweep you off your feet.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Herijuana feminized cannabis seeds

Seductively aromatic, Herijuana marijuana is a versatile indica that delivers delicious sedation and soothing relaxation for an evening of rest and relief.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Ingrid feminized cannabis seeds

Ingrid marijuana comes dressed to impress. A bushy, indica-dominant strain with a high THC content, her nimble and gentle effects will help take the edge off even the most exhausting of days.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

Kosher Kush feminized cannabis seeds

Kosher Kush marijuana is a pure indica that will impress with its fast-acting sedation and relaxing effects. Wind down with a soothing, easy-to-grow strain that pairs well with friends.

Nevada’s laws on cannabis

Las Vegas was built by, shall we say, legally dubious individuals. However, there are still laws in Sin City. Sure, it’s a city of partying where what happens there evidently stays there, but the law is the law. 

Las Vegas doesn’t set its own laws, the state of Nevada does, and fortunately, it’s OK with cannabis as well. Marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use and cultivation all over Nevada, and that includes Las Vegas (source). While marijuana use is something we can’t really imagine Vegas caring about, but now we know for sure that it’s legal there.

Buying cannabis seeds in Las Vegas

So you know you can buy marijuana in Las Vegas. Now, how to get cannabis seeds? Well, obviously we think you should go with Growers Choice. We have a wide selection of quality strains available to you. You can buy them online through our store and ensure you are getting the best quality seeds you can.

All of our seeds are feminized, and on top of that, we offer a germination guarantee. You will get a budding plant from the seeds you buy from us. If not, Growers Choice will stand by our products and honor our guarantee.


Cannabis delivery made simple

We deliver our quality seeds all over the country. If you buy seeds for one of our cannabis strains, we will deliver them right to you. All we ask in return is a review once your plants have germinated and you’ve been able to partake. We know what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, but we hope this one time that won’t be the case.

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Growers Choice suggested a strain to me they said was easy for beginners like me. I was worried, but the plant grew so great and I was so happy I did it.

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