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We’re sure Lake Charles is lovely, though here in California, we are more the ocean type. You know, getting out there and surfing and all that stuff. Hey, whatever floats your boat, and if you are on Lake Charles, hopefully your boat does indeed float. We have the same attitude when it comes to selling cannabis seeds to people in Louisiana. Yeah, we will handle your cannabis seed needs even all the way across the country. We don’t sweat it for a second. In fact, we are so enthused about cannabis that we want to tell you about the top five cannabis seed strains in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The city, that is. If you dump your seeds in the lake they likely aren’t going to grow.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Lake Charles

SAGE feminized cannabis seeds


SAGE feminized cannabis seeds

SAGE is a smart choice for anybody who wants to grow their own cannabis. A perfect hybrid in every way, SAGE marijuana is a well-rounded and versatile strain that delivers an exceptional experience to consumers from every background. This is a crowd pleaser of the highest order. Whatever you need from your cannabis, SAGE can probably provide it.

SFV OG feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

SFV OG feminized cannabis seeds

This alphabet soup of a strain eats like a meal. A California dream, SFV OG marijuana is pungent, potent, and will put a smile on your face as you settle into the comfort of your couch. The indica-dominant hybrid requires a moderate skill level to bring out the best it has to offer. Maybe not a good option for your first plant, but file it away for a later date.

Shiatsu Kush feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Shiatsu Kush feminized cannabis seeds

This is like a massage for your mind. A balanced hybrid with dreamy effects, Shiatsu Kish marijuana is a Japanese transplant that puts a smile on your face as it soothes and relaxes. You will feel like butter melting in a pan in the best way possible. A delight for growers of every experience level.

Skunk No. 1 feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Skunk No. 1 feminized cannabis seeds

Only in the world of cannabis is the word “skunk” considered a positive descriptor. Could you imagine a coffee shop or a waffle house having “skunk” in its name? With skunky pungency and euphoric effects, Skunk No. 1 marijuana has become a prized strain among consumers and cultivators alike for its recreational and therapeutic effects and relative ease in the garden. Consider it for both fun and for function.

Snoop’s Dream feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Snoop’s Dream feminized cannabis seeds

This strain is so strong our eyelids feel heavy just writing about it. Powerful, pungent, and deeply tranquilizing, Snoop’s Dream marijuana puts you into the perfect state for an evening of bliss. Sleep tight. Getting your beauty rest is vital to your health.

Marijuana Dispensaries in Lake Charles

Dispensaries in Lake Charles are hard to find, and it’s unlikely they sell marijuana seeds. Save yourself a lot of time and gas money by ordering from Growers Choice. Feel free to reach out to us through email, social media, or phone if you have any questions about our products, or want more information on the best strains. Here at Growers Choice, we’re all about customer service – you will always be our first priority!

A Cannabis Seed Bank You Can Trust

At Growers Choice seeds, it’s always fast, safe, and easy to order medical-grade cannabis seeds. Our website is well-laid out, friendly to even the most internet-illiterate of our customers. All you need to do is choose the seed strain you want to order, select the seed pack size you want (we offer 3, 5, 10, and 25-seed packs, as well as wholesale cannabis seed options), and add the seeds to your cart. Don’t fret about your credit card information: we use encryption software, and your private information is erased from our servers once your order has been confirmed. Your delivery should take no more than 7 business days to reach your front door.


We Deliver Cannabis Seeds to Lake Charles

We’re glad you’ve considered Growers Choice Seeds for all your cannabis seed needs. We hope you’re excited about our strains. Also, we hope that once your plant has grown and you have sampled its wares you will leave a review. Let us know how you feel about your experience! And let us know which of the top five cannabis seed strains in Lake Charles, Louisiana you’ve tried!

Rated 5 out of 5

Snoop’s Dream is part of my nightly routine. If I have a little before bed I know I’m going to sleep through the night. Without it, that would almost definitely not happen.

Eric Y., Lake Charles, Louisiana

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