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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Lafayette in 2023


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We take cannabis seriously. That’s our job. Do you take cannabis seriously as well? It’s OK if you aren’t on our level. We can be the experts. Maybe you are just curious about what it is like to grow your own cannabis plants. You get some seeds down in Lafayette, Louisiana and you see what happens. There’s no harm in that. We have a ton of options for you. Which one is the best? Let us tell you about some of our popular strains to see if any of them seem right for you. These are the top five cannabis seed strains in Lafayette, Louisiana. 

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Lafayette

Ewok feminized cannabis seeds


Ewok feminized cannabis seeds

Ewok may look cuddly, like some Teddy bear-style aliens on a planet far, far away, but don’t let its appearance deceive you. This is a potent hybrid with versatile effects that come from its status as a blend of both worlds. A strong aroma and high THC content characterize Ewok, a resilient strain that has something for everyone. It might hit you so hard that you think you are on a forest moon.

Lodi Dodi feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Lodi Dodi feminized cannabis seeds

Some strains are nightcaps. Here is an eye opener. Lodi Dodi marijuana is a luscious, potent wake-and-bake strain that will clear your mind with its energizing high, making for a creative, productive day. Are you the “Carpe Diem” type? Load up some Lodi Dodi once your alarm goes off.

Mendocino Purps feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Mendocino Purps feminized cannabis seeds

This is a strain more purple than Grimace, and it certainly goes down smoother as well. Mendocino Purps marijuana is an award-winning hybrid that requires a practiced hand to coax a bountiful yield of deep green and purple buds. The potent strain has something for everyone, with indica-leaning characteristics. If you are a total novice, maybe the Purps will be a little much for you. Once you are a practiced hand, though, you’ll want to give this one a shot. Just look at those shades of purple!

Middlework feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Middlework feminized cannabis seeds

This is not some middle-of-the-road strain. High yielding and easy in the garden, it’s clear to see why the fragrant and potent Middlefork cannabis seeds consistently rank among the world’s best strains. If you are working on your green thumb, but want something useful at the end of the day, this is a relatively stress-free way to get into growing your own cannabis.

Raskal OG feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Raskal OG feminized cannabis seeds

Good morning, cannabis friends! Wake up and greet the day with Raskal OG marijuana. Although, this is an anytime strain with 17% THC that is ideal to banish negative vibes and fuel a day of creative productivity. It’s time to get after it, and this strain won’t get in the way of that!

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High-Quality Cannabis Seeds

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Whether you want an energizing morning buzz or a late-night relaxing high, Growers Choice CBD has something for you. Just look at the top five cannabis seed strains in Lafayette, Louisiana for proof of that! If you are new to growing your own cannabis, we recommend an easier plant to cultivate and handle. Although, if you want to test your skills, we won’t stop you. You do you! If you have any questions, we will try and help you with your grow experience. 

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I’m a wake-and-bake person. I got my first seeds for my first plant from Growers Choice Seeds. I was so proud when my plant grew, and I was happy when I smoked it for the first time. It really appeals to my Type A personality.

Olivia R., Lafayette, Louisiana

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