Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Hartford in 2022


Cannabis seeds are the heart of our business

Have you been interested in growing cannabis plants in Hartford, Connecticut? Or maybe you have grown plants before and you want to grow more? What you need, though, is a reliable source for your seeds. That’s where Growers Choice Seeds come in. We’re all about cannabis seeds, and we’re all about helping you optimize your grow experience. The kind of experience that yields quality cannabis strains like these five.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Hartford

Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds


Zkittlez feminized cannabis seeds

Zkittlez cannabia seeds smell and produce a fragrance that’s reminiscent of candy. This 50/50 strain leans heavily on the indica side in terms of effects. As a result, some cannabis users cite this strain for helping them reduce stress and get a good night’s sleep.

Cream Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Cream Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Eradicate stress and relax with our Cream Auto-Flowering cannabis seeds. An indica-dominant strain great for evenings, Cream will leave you feeling happy and chill, enabling tension to drain away. While not all users will experience the same benefits, some users even report this strain helps ease the symptoms associated with glaucoma.

Girl Scout Cookies feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Girl Scout Cookies feminized cannabis seeds

Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies. Boost your creative intuition and take stress down a notch with this popular hybrid strain. Some users believe that this strain helps them reduce pain, promote appetite, and provide a general sense of euphoria.

Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Mexican Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Bred from sativa-dominant Mexican landrace strains, our Mexican Haze is a great daytime choice to fight stress. Some individuals report that this strain helps lessen headaches and sharpen mental focus.

Pineapple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Pineapple Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Our Pineapple Auto-Flowering cannabis will give you an energy boost and a touch of creativity to really kick your day off right. Some cannabis users believe this strain to be effective in curbing moderate pain and easing nausea. A sweet treat for people in Hartford.

Cannabis law in Connecticut

Marijuana isn’t legal across the United States. Different states have different laws. Take, for example, our home state of California. We have legal recreational marijuana here. Other states don’t, which means our cannabis seeds don’t do people there much good. What about the state of Connecticut?

Not all that long ago, only medical marijuana users could have made hay with our cannabis seeds. Now, though, the door is open. Recreational marijuana was legalized in July of 2021. You can feel free to use marijuana, grow cannabis, and buy products from Growers Choice.

How to buy cannabis seeds in Hartford

If you want to grow your own plants, what’s the next step? It’s to visit the Growers Choice Seeds website. Peruse our catalog. Maybe choose one of the strains we already mentioned. Then, place an order through our website. It’s all online, which makes getting your cannabis simple.

If you have any questions before you buy your cannabis, don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is here to help you. You can call Growers Choice Monday through Friday from 9am until 5pm Pacific Time.

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Growers Choice makes your experience even better

You know what’s annoying? Running errands. You have to carve out time. You have to deal with traffic. Oh, and if the weather is bad? Connecticut has some tough winter weather sometimes, we bet. None of that will be an issue if you buy your seeds in Hartford from us. Growers Choice delivers, keeping you from having to run another errand in your life.

Rated 5 out of 5

I have a do-it-yourself streak so when I started using marijuana I wanted to grow my own plants. Growers Choice helped me find the right strain to start with, and I have already grown a couple full plants successfully. I’m glad I went this route.

Rich F., Hartford, Connecticut

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