Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Fort Smith in 2022


How to get cannabis seeds in Fort Smith, Arkansas

For you folks in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we could show you four of our top cannabis seed strains. Growers Choice Seeds sells seeds for dozens of great cannabis strains. Some are even more popular than others, though. We can do you one better than that, though, Fort Smith. Check out these five top cannabis seed strains.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Fort Smith

Fruity Pebbles feminized cannabis seeds


Fruity Pebbles feminized cannabis seeds

Need an extra pep in your step this morning? Fruity Pebbles comes with a creative spark that can boost cognitive function during the day. You won’t be able to resist its fruity aroma!

Sour Diesel feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Sour Diesel feminized cannabis seeds

This sativa-dominant hybrid is called an “upper” for a reason. You’ll experience soaring THC levels around 22 percent that elevate your mood, keeping you in a positive headspace. The diesel aroma, however, is not everyone’s favorite.

Harlequin feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Harlequin feminized cannabis seeds

Harlequin cannabis seeds are best suited for users who do not wish to feel mentally altered in any way. This high-CBD, low-THC strain is often used by medicinal marijuana patients.

Purple Haze feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Purple Haze feminized cannabis seeds

Called the ultimate mood-booster, Purple Haze cannabis seeds produce a happy, cheerful, and euphoric high that can put a smile on your face. Many users find this strain’s blueberry flavor delicious!

Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Strawberry Cough feminized cannabis seeds

As you’d expect from the name, Strawberry Cough cannabis seeds smell like a field of strawberries. This sativa-dominant strain comes with a highly easy-going and smooth experience without unwanted side effects.

Cannabis legality in Arkansas

We have the national picture in mind here at Growers Choice Seeds. Though we are a California-based company, we aren’t just here for Californians. That means knowing a bit about every state. In particular, we need to know cannabis laws. Oh, and we do.

In Arkansas, there is medical marijuana. However, the laws that legalized medical marijuana did not include provisions for home growth, even for personal use. That means you can’t technically legally grow your own cannabis plants at home. You could buy some seeds to store until you can, or until you move to a different state, but you would be skirting the law to grow your own cannabis.

Buying cannabis seeds in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Growers Choice offers dozens of top strains, but also top seeds. All of our seeds are hand selected, lab tested, and come with a germination guarantee. A great plant begins with great seeds, and Growers Choice has you covered. If your seeds don’t germinate, we’ll make up for it.

It’s simple to buy your seeds. Check out our website. Find the strains you like. Figure out how many seeds you want. Then, place your order through our site. At this point, your seeds get selected, and we get your order ready to be shipped out.

get top strains in fort smith

We will deliver to Fort Smith

We imagine the weather isn’t always perfect down in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Running errands can be a hassle too, regardless of weather. Growers Choice makes it simple to get cannabis seeds. Right now, there likely isn’t anywhere to legally get cannabis seeds anyway, given where the marijuana laws currently stand. When the laws change, it may take a while for the state to catch up. Growers Choice will be here, waiting to deliver you your seeds.

Rated 5 out of 5

I know all the ways that marijuana can benefit your health. I’ve seen it firsthand. Growers Choice Seeds is making it convenient for people to get the health benefits of marijuana. I think that’s awesome.

Naomi J., Fort Smith, Arkansas

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