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Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Erie


Top Cannabis Strains in Erie

Growing your own CBD shouldn’t be scary. Growers Choice Seeds wants to make the experience simple for people who are getting into the growing game in Erie, Pennsylvania. Based on anecdotal evidence, there are several potential therapeutic benefits to high-CBD marijuana strains. Or maybe you like to enjoy recreational marijuana for the way it makes you feel. It’s your business. Meanwhile, cannabis is our business. We’ve got the scoop on the top five cannabis seed strains in Erie, Pennsylvania. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Erie



Sour Tsunami feminized cannabis seeds

Let this purple plant wash over you. Sour Tsunami marijuana delivers waves of relief. With high CBD (and low THC), this medically-leaning strain is a challenge in the garden, but worth its weight in gold. It’s a hit with more experienced growers who consider cannabis primarily for therapeutic purposes.

Skywalker OG Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Space Queen feminized cannabis seeds

All hail this strain. A hybrid beauty, Space Queen marijuana helps you reach new heights of euphoria. This strain has sativa characteristics and a 16 percent THC content. That means it packs a punch, and it also makes for a giddy smoking experience.

Sunset Sherbert Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Tahoe OG feminized cannabis seeds

With Tahoe OG Kush marijuana, relaxation and happiness are a mere toke away. Best cultivated by seasoned gardeners, this strain will impress with its uplifting fragrance and high cannabinoid content. Folks in Erie looking to achieve physical effects are digging the Tahoe OG experience.

Fruity Pebbles Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

UK Cheese feminized cannabis seeds

Savory and potent, UK Cheese marijuana boasts a high level of THC for a blissfully relaxing happiness that is equal parts invigorating and therapeutic. Sometimes it’s the funkiest cheese that has the most oomph to them. This strain could be the marijuana equivalent. No cage aging necessary.

Critical Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 5

White Fire OG feminized cannabis seeds

This strain is red hot in Erie. Boasting high THC and a high yield, White Fire OG marijuana (aka WIFI OG) is an impressive and pungent strain that will help you reconnect with your happier self. If you like a little stank on your strains, light up some White Fire OG.

Seed Banks That Deliver to Erie

Residents of Erie, Pennsylvania have a long history of finding inspiration in their very own Great Lake to fuel their even greater aspirations, and lately, many people’s goals have turned towards sourcing and fostering premium strains of cannabis. Many crave the challenge of overseeing the entire process of cultivation, and others simply have an affinity for a particular strain of cannabis seed.

Other Cannabis Strains to Try Next

If the good people of the Flagship City like anything, it’s having options. That’s why Erie residents set their sights on the peerless variety on offer at Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds, which partners with growers who are invested in maintaining robust, flourishing strains, including regular feminized, auto-flowering and medical strains. Erie residents will surely fall for perennial favorites like OG Kush and Tangerine Dream.

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Buy Cannabis Seeds in Erie Today

You can choose one of these, the top five cannabis seed strains in Erie, Pennsylvania, or peruse our online store for another strain that might be more up your alley. All of these strains have different effects. One of them will be the best for your therapeutic needs. Growers Choice Seeds’ top-notch customer service team is here to answer your questions, and then once you are ready to go, we can get your seeds directly to you.

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