Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Cheyenne in 2022


Cannabis Culture in Wyoming

If you’re new to the Wyoming area, you may not be familiar with the new marijuana laws as of 2018. During the midterm elections, Wyoming voted to legalize recreational marijuana, which means you’re in luck to buy Cheyenne, Wyoming cannabis seeds! Growers Choice is open for business and ready to take your orders online. We sell marijuana seeds in hundreds of varieties and would love to help you pick out the right ones for your lifestyle. You’re in the right place to buy marijuana seeds. Although it may seem like all seeds look the same, you may notice subtle differences in their size, shape, color, and shell hardness. Generally speaking, the seeds with harder shells are riper and will germinate better. Take a look at the strains we offer…

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Cheyenne

Cream Auto-Flowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds


Cannatonic Feminized Seeds

Low in THC, any psychoactive expectation of Cannatonic is nicely balanced by its high CBD content, about 12%. The combination makes for a mellow high that, though doesn’t last long, can lift the weight of your mental load. A boost of clear-headed energy from Cannatonic’s sativa side makes this strain a great wake-and-bake. The lack of psychoactivity and full-body sedation makes it a great strain for daytime use, allowing you to still be productive and get things done.

Forbidden Fruit Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 2

Double Dream Feminized Seeds

Double Dream marijuana is a strong sativa strain that starts out in the head with a powerful rush not suitable for newcomers. Its delicious buzz is almost instantaneous, uplifting your mood and bringing about that characteristic euphoria and remarkable clarity and focus. It may be low on indica, but there’s distinct sedation that creeps through the body for a full experience that is worth every minute. A “dream” among friends, Double Dream has found favor among people who are looking to feel uplifted.

Wedding Cake Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 3

Dutch Treat Feminized Seeds

Your Dutch Treat marijuana experience will start out with its sativa heritage, a burst of cerebral activity that brings happiness and elation that has been known to fuel creativity and inspiration. As this gentle high tapers off, you’re left feeling tired yet relaxed, ready for a full night’s sleep. Because of this, Dutch Treat has become a favorite among the medical marijuana community: fragrant and flavorful, with aromas of berries, pine, and candy, it is adept at soothing the mind and body.

Mexican Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds

No. 4

Larry OG Feminized Seeds

A euphoria-driven high, Larry OG marijuana uplifts and invigorates, as it soothes away tension. Its profile is aromatic, predominantly citrus, and sticky sweet in both fragrance and flavor, a perfect accompaniment to its rich, uplifting effects. Topping out at 26% THC, Larry OG is a potent, versatile marijuana strain that is equally appealing to recreational and medicinal consumers for its well-rounded effects that can bring you to a state of pure relaxation.

Tangie Feminized Seeds

No. 5

Mango Kush Feminized Seeds

Known for an aroma that can fill a room with its fruity pungency, Mango Kush marijuana boasts moderate levels of THC (between 11% and 20%) and is considered a quite versatile strain, useful for medical and recreational purposes. Recommended to help you wind down at the end of the day, Mango Kush is highly sedative, adding a touch of whimsy to its deep-seated relaxation. Mango Kush marijuana is prescribed by physicians for qualifying medical conditions.

Top-Rated Cannabis Seed Banks

When it comes to growing the best weeds in Wyoming — your best bet is to buy marijuana seeds from a local or online seed bank. Seed banks are the gateway to thousands of seed strains. From limited editions to seed strains directly from the breeder — you’ll find endless options while browsing a seed bank. However, not all seed banks are created equal. Therefore, you must always choose a trustworthy seed bank. Whether you look at reviews or word-of-mouth — there are quite a few reputable local or online seedbanks that deliver to Wyoming-based addresses.

Where Does Cannabis Come From?

For generations, breeders and interested gardeners have been experimenting with cross-breeding marijuana seeds and plants, and the result is more than 800 different cannabis strains. The first strains were made by pairing different pure “landrace” varieties such as Afghani indicas and Mexican sativas, then secondary strains were made by combining the results of these initial varieties. The result is a huge selection of marijuana seed strains that can serve a variety of purposes.


Benefits of Growing Your Own Cannabis

While there are places in Cheyenne, Wyoming to access prepared medical marijuana, growing your own plants from pot seeds gives you the chance to understand exactly what you’re growing and know it is pure and safe. Take the control into your own hands and grow plants you can be proud of!

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I had lots of questions before I bought my seeds, just cause I’m that kind of person. I ended up calling the number and a really helpful, patient person answered all my questions concisely and politely. I’m sure these seeds will be great, and I look forward to placing another order in the near future.

Carter G., Cheyenne, Wyoming

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