Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Bristol in 2022


Get cannabis seeds in Bristol, Connecticut

Bristol will always be known, at least to sports fans, as the home of ESPN. ESPN calls itself the worldwide leader in sports. At Growers Choice, we want to be the worldwide leader in cannabis seeds. Part of doing that? Offering top-notch cannabis seed strains to Bristol, Connecticut, including

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Bristol

Tahoe OG feminized cannabis seeds


Tahoe OG feminized cannabis seeds

With Tahoe OG Kush marijuana, bliss and happiness are a mere toke away. Best cultivated by experienced gardeners, this strain will impress with its uplifting fragrance and high cannabinoid content.

UK Cheese auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

UK Cheese auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Savory and potent, UK Cheese marijuana boasts a high level of THC for a blissfully relaxing happiness that is equal parts invigorating and healing.

White Fire OG feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

White Fire OG feminized cannabis seeds

Boasting high THC and a high yield, White Fire OG marijuana (aka WIFI OG) is an impressive and pungent strain that will help you reconnect with your happier self.

XJ-13 feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

XJ-13 feminized cannabis seeds

Of mysterious origins with an otherworldly aroma, XJ-13 marijuana boasts an impressive content of THC, high yield, and the kind of euphoria-driven effects that will instantly win you over.

Allen Wrench feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Allen Wrench feminized cannabis seeds

Fragrant and potent with a generous yield, Allen Wrench marijuana is a strong tool in your arsenal, helping to power through low energy and stress.

Is marijuana legal in Connecticut?

Nutmeg is certainly legal in the Nutmeg State, but what about marijuana? In the recent past, recreational marijuana was legalized, but that doesn’t mean you can grow marijuana plants at home just yet. It is time to get ready for that though. When marijuana was legalized, growing your own marijuana was not immediately legalized as well. Rolling out recreational marijuana is a process. However, it was announced that in July of 2023 it would become legal to grow marijuana at home for personal use. As of this writing, that’s less than a year away! Properly stored cannabis seeds can last for up to a year, so you could buy seeds now and have them ready to go when it becomes legal to start growing!

High-quality cannabis seeds for Bristol, Connecticut

A cannabis seed may look simple, but we assure you there is a lot to the cannabis seed. Quality varies from seed to seed, and you may not be able to identify that yourself. That’s why having a company you can trust like Growers Choice Seeds is so valuable. We have the ability to identify seed quality. We’ve invested in that, and have the capability to lab test every seed for quality. On top of that, we feminize all our seeds, which means they grow female plants. That’s important because only female plants grow buds, which contain almost all the THC in marijuana plants.

get top strains in Bristol

Cannabis seed delivery for Connecticut

ESPN is watched all over the world, and Growers Choice delivers cannabis seeds all over the world. We can get them shipped to you in Bristol, Connecticut reliably time and time again. Soon, you will be able to legally grow marijuana plants. Get seeds you can trust in.

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I love marijuana and I love gardening. Why wouldn’t I want to grow my own marijuana plants at home?

Matthew S., Bristol, Connecticut

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