Hi there, cannabis enthusiasts in Bowie, Maryland

Growers Choice Seeds believes in the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. We also believe in the benefits of growing your own marijuana plants at home for your personal use in Bowie, Maryland. Not only does it feel like an accomplishment, you get to control the process. Compare that to what most people do, which is just buy some buds from a dispensary. All you get is somebody else’s end product. Growing your own cannabis is better, especially if you grow one of these five cannabis seed strains.

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Bowie

Mazar feminized cannabis seeds


Mazar feminized cannabis seeds

A high-indica strain known for its potent relaxation effects, Mazar feminized cannabis seeds can uplift your mood and ease away stress and anxiety, while also relieving chronic pain and soothing you into sleep. A moderate level of THC provides both physical and mental sensations ideal for relaxing in the evening or on lazy days.

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds

The trichome-coated, neon-green buds grown from OG Kush feminized cannabis seeds have an early effect of heavy euphoria, paired with a combination physical and mental high. As a result, most users find the strain leaves them with a relaxed and happy feeling and, quite often, a case of body-numbing couch lock. The strain eases or eliminates pain, and can be useful in treating migraines, stress, and attention disorders, as well as symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds

If you need a bit of energy and stress relief, why not try Green Crack feminized cannabis seeds? Long-lasting and definitely sativa-dominant, this strain grows tall and proud and can produce a good yield of anxiety-relieving, euphoric buds.

Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Critical Kush feminized cannabis seeds

A combo of healing Critical Mass and renowned OG Kush, this indica strain offers stress relief and pain-management along with a speedy grow time and good yield. Order up your earthy, happy Critical Kush today.

CBD Critical Mass medicinal feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

CBD Critical Mass medicinal feminized cannabis seeds

CBD Critical Mass medical feminized cannabis seeds are indica-dominant plants that get their name from the considerable density of the flowers, which grow so large and thick that the branches of this strain have been known to snap. Our CBD-rich version offers enhanced therapeutic benefits that can ease many different symptoms and conditions.

Cannabis and the law in Maryland

Changes have come to the laws related to marijuana over the years. Those laws vary from state to state. Here in California, for example, we have legal recreational marijuana. People are legally allowed to grow their own cannabis plants.

Maryland, though, has different laws. Your state has legal recreational marijuana, and marijuana use has been overall decriminalized. Also, members of the Maryland House of Delegates are working to get a referendum on recreational marijuana on the ballot soon. Right now, though, marijuana use is quite regulated in Maryland.

How to get cannabis seeds in Bowie

One day, you may want to buy cannabis seeds to grow your own plants. When that day arrives, Growers Choice will be ready to spring into action to help. Our team cares about customer service, so whether it’s your first plant or your 50th, we’ll give you the same quality experience.

Each of our seeds is hand selected for every order. Until you place your order through our website, your seeds will not be selected. That’s a chance for a last bit of inspection before the seeds are sent out to you. After all, we have a germination guarantee. We don’t want to be sending out any dud seeds.

Growers Choice Seeds will delivery to Bowie, Maryland

Someday, when cannabis seeds are available to purchase for recreational growing in Bowie, Maryland, driving to pick them up will be a hassle. That’s especially true when the weather is bad. Growers Choice will help you avoid all of that. The key is our quick, reliable delivery. We know you care about your cannabis seeds. You may be relying on marijuana for your wellness. Growers Choice takes that seriously.

Rated 5 out of 5

I’m from Colorado, and I have friends and family there who grow their own marijuana. It seems really cool and I definitely plan to do it when I can. My cousin is a Growers Choice customer, and I have sampled his plants when I’ve visited. Two thumbs up!

Michelle C., Bowie, Maryland