Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Baltimore in 2023

buy cannabis seeds in baltimore, maryland

Cannabis seeds for Baltimore, Maryland

here has been some anecdotal evidence in research that suggests cannabis can provide some therapeutic benefits for certain users. And of course, it also provides an enjoyable recreational experience for many. For these reasons, many individuals who are legally permitted to engage in their own home gardening opt to cultivate their own plants for personal use. When they want a product they can rely on, they get their seeds from us here at Growers Choice seeds. That includes seeds for these five top cannabis seed strains. Check them out, Baltimore, Maryland!

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds in Baltimore

Bay 11 feminized cannabis seeds


Bay 11 feminized cannabis seeds

Perfection in pot form, Bay 11 marijuana is an award-winning hybrid with something for everyone, not to mention an intoxicating aroma and yield that will blow your mind.

Cinex Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

No. 2

Cinex Auto-Flowering feminized cannabis seeds

Mind your mood with Cinex marijuana, a skunky-sweet hybrid that will make your day and events a little more exciting, possibly some day in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dirty Girl feminized cannabis seeds

No. 3

Dirty Girl feminized cannabis seeds

Don’t let the name fool you! Dirty Girl marijuana will treat you nicely, with an electrifying high and relatively-easy-going growing profile.

Island Sweet Skunk feminized cannabis seeds

No. 4

Island Sweet Skunk feminized cannabis seeds

Let the sunshine into your life with Island Sweet Skunk marijuana, a high-yielding hybrid that energizes and invigorates the body and mind.

Ghost Train Haze feminized cannabis seeds

No. 5

Ghost Train Haze feminized cannabis seeds

High sativa and THC combine in Ghost Train Haze marijuana for a cerebral experience that soothes, relaxes for a euphoric, energizing experience. Best grown by those with at least intermediate experience.

Cannabis legality in Maryland

In some states, recreational marijuana is legal. There are provisions for growing cannabis for personal use as well. Maryland, though, is not there yet. You are one of the states that has medical marijuana and have decriminalized marijuana, but it isn’t fully legal. Also, only a handful of growers in the state have been signed off on by the state.

That means right now in Baltimore, personal, recreational marijuana use isn’t legal, though it isn’t a criminal offense. Additionally, there are plans to get recreational marijuana on the ballot soon. If that happens, and these ballots tend to pass, you should be able to grow your own marijuana in Maryland soon enough. Hey, if you already have cannabis seeds on hand, you can get right to growing!

Buying your own cannabis seeds

When the time comes for you to buy cannabis seeds in Baltimore, what to do? Well, we recommend bookmarking the Growers Choice Seeds website right now. You’ll want to keep coming back each and every time you want seeds for the strain – or strains – of your choice. 

With us, you can order your cannabis seeds online. Check out our large selection of strains, find the one you like best, and get right to ordering! The effort we put into maintaining the quality of our seeds will really pay off for you!


Cannabis seed delivery for Baltimore, Maryland

Best of all, when you order from Growers Choice, we will deliver your seeds right to you! That makes it even easier to grow your own cannabis plants. Be ready for the day when recreational marijuana is legalized in Baltimore, Maryland. Let Growers Choice provide you with a top cannabis seed strain you will really enjoy. Quoth the raven, what a deal!

Rated 5 out of 5

I use medical marijuana for pain, including migraines and cramps. It’s really effective for me and I really support medical marijuana use.

Kelly W., Baltimore, Maryland

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