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grow cannabis in alabama

Many people are curious about how to grow cannabis in Alabama. Though it’s always important to check with your state’s laws around cultivating marijuana before you get started, we’re happy to offer some information on what you might experience if you grow your own cannabis in the good old Cotton State.

Cannabis Cultivation in Alabama’s Climate


Balmy Alabama is home to a humid subtropical climate. This means you can expect some of the hottest summers in the country and a lot of thunderstorms—we probably don’t have to tell you! What you’re likely wondering is what this love-it-or-hate-it environment means for your precious cannabis plants.


humid subtropical climate in Alabama
Alabama weather is hard to predict but we have cannabis strains that can grow anywhere!


First of all, it’s important to note that there is a lot of variation in the Alabama climate. Folks up north, by the Appalachian Mountains experience cooler temperatures, while more southern regions get a bit more toasty. North and Central Alabama are smack-dab in the middle of tornado country, and hurricanes grace the south more often than folks would probably like.


Let’s talk about growing a humid subtropical area first, to keep it simple. Though you might be thinking of how indicas grow on mountain ranges and feeling utterly dejected about your prospects, rest assured: there are strains of cannabis that can grow just about anywhere.


At Growers Choice, you can order any of the following strains and expect a sizeable harvest from your plants, as long as you take good care of them:



If you live at the higher altitudes in Alabama (Mentone is the top of the top, clocking in more than 1700 feet above sea level), there are still some cannabis strains that might work for you. Isn’t weed a wonderful plant? If it gets chilly where you’re at, check out Durban Poison Auto-flowering. Generally speaking, anywhere where the growing season is short because winter just can’t wait to come back around, you’re going to want to look for an auto-flowering strain. 


Hardiness Zones and Cannabis Growing in Alabama


Plant Hardiness Zone map is a great tool for gardeners!


Have you heard of hardiness zones? They’re the fancy numbers all gardeners use to determine how and when it’s best to grow their plants. Knowing you live in a humid subtropical climate down in Alabama is only half the battle; the best way to learn how to grow cannabis in this state is to determine your hardiness zone (and read what others in your area have to say about it, of course).


Alabama covers a number of zones, between 7a and 9a (in other words, you might be in 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, or 9a). There are tons of maps online that will tell you into which zone you fall.


In zone 7 regions, you can expect a fairly lengthy growing season. The lowest temperature you’re likely to see is about 5 degrees F. Expect the last from around the middle of April, and know you’ll have a good 8 months or so of growing time before next year’s first frost rolls around.


For zone 8, your growing season starts around mid-April as well and lasts until about the end of October. You probably won’t see many days or nights below 10 degrees F, and the temperate summers with cooler nights will grant you a lovely cannabis crop.


In zone 9, the winters are pretty warm, so you’re looking at nearly year-round growing conditions, though that won’t necessarily apply to all cannabis seed species, so do your research. The good news is, you probably won’t be getting any unexpected freezes, so you can sleep easy into the fall!


Laws Around Growing your own Alabama Cannabis


People in Alabama who apply for a receive a license to grow cannabis, along with anyone else thinking about growing, selling, or buying marijuana in the state, will want to keep a close eye on the lawmakers in the coming years. In mid-2022, a few medical marijuana laws (like required video camera surveillance and distance minimums between hemp and cannabis farms) were tweaked or abandoned, and it’s likely that more will come. 


Marijuana Perceptions in Alabama


Unfortunately, Alabamans remain some of the final U.S. citizens fighting for the right, not to party, but to use medical marijuana to deal with their health conditions. In 2021, the state technically adopted a medical marijuana program, but advocate estimates earmark late 2023 as the earliest any patients in need will see actual bud on offer.




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Growing cannabis in Alabama is certainly possible and quite enjoyable, to boot! Make sure you’re always checking out the rules in your region, since we certainly don’t recommend breaking those. But when you’re ready, place your order for premium cannabis seeds from Growers Choice and experience the wonder of nurturing your own cannabis plants!


Other Strains That Might Interest You!





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