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Welcome to Growers Choice Seeds, your number-one place to find cannabis seeds for sale. We aren’t just talking when we say we offer only the finest, lab-tested, and fully feminized cannabis seeds around. We walk the walk, too, and want all our customers to know — and see! — how reliable our best-selling cannabis seeds are, and how helpful and friendly our customer service representatives are. Consider your mission to find online cannabis seeds for sale complete.

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Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

OG Kush 55% Sativa, 45% Indica 27% THC Evening
Mexican Haze Feminized 20% Indica, 80% Sativa 17% THC Daytime
Hindu Kush AutoFlowering 10% Ruderalis, 90% Indica 15% THC Evening

Cannabis Seeds for Sale — Try One of Our Best-Sellers

And did we mention that all of the cannabis strains listed in this blog are deliverable? In fact, all of our cannabis seeds for sale can be delivered to your home in any of the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. We’re even in the process of launching across the European Union, so stay tuned for more updates on that. To get cannabis seeds delivered to your door in a matter of days, order your seeds online directly from our website. We have the finest selection of cannabis seeds for sale anywhere online, all fully feminized, and competitively priced. And now, we proudly present our best-selling cannabis seeds.

White Widow Cannabis Seeds for Sale

A classic strain popular since the eraWhite Widow Cannabis Seeds for Sale of grunge, White Widow cannabis seeds are all about the mind, producing a gentle, predominantly cerebral high that is as mind-blowing as it is relaxing. White Widow marijuana has visual appeal and delicious effects in equal measure. Pungent and spicy with hints of sweetness and earth, this is an indica-dominant dream that once dominated the coffee shop scene. Clocking in at up to 25% THC, White Widow is known for bringing the happy – opening the mind and invigorating the senses and creativity. It has become well established in the medical community for its ease in potentially addressing symptoms of mood various conditions.

Critical Purple Cannabis Seeds for Sale

An indica-dominant hybrid strain, we have Critical Purple cannabis seeds for sale that trace their lineage to popular Critical Mass and Big Bud. Originally, the pair were bred together in order to improve the yield and stability of Big Bud. Critical Mass is known for extremely heavy, dense flowers, and our Critical Purple cannabis seeds carry on this desirable trait. One of our highest THC strains, Critical Purple is a potent plant, expressing its indica roots with a heavy, relaxing effect.

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds for Sale

An indica-dominant strain with dark green leaves and resinous purple flowers, Northern Lights cannabis seeds have a sweet and spicy flavor. In addition to the all-over relaxation created by the strain’s 80% indica make-up, you’ll most likely experience a gentle euphoria leading to a happy calm, thanks to the small amount of sativa present in the plant. An excellent medicinal strain that grants users a delicious, full-body high, our Northern Lights cannabis seeds for sale are often chosen for use in medical marijuana testing. Among its many uses, Northern Lights is suggested for relaxing and soothing the body; it can also potentially help you shut off your brain, to help you sleep better and feel more calm.

Tangerine Dream Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Tangerine Dream gets its name from its tangy, fruity scent and taste; upon consumption, it delivers a head rush that can improve mood and leave you feeling cheerful. Depending on your constitution, you may experience the burst of energy as happily lazy, or creative and productive. Tangerine Dream cannabis seeds are particularly notable for their unique potential therapeutic traits: the flowers will grant you increased energy in addition to their soothing power. For this reason, Tangerine Dream is the perfect choice for people who want to relax and feel more calm. We have Tangerine Dream cannabis seeds for sale right here!

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Growers Choice has Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds for sale, the make for a great option for any time of day. Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds offer just enough relaxation to keep you feeling loose and soothed, but not enough to put you to sleep. That means, if you have some things to do, Gorilla Glue will let you get them done while still delivering the relief you need. Don’t plan for too much detailed work, though, since Gorilla Glue cannabis seeds will leave you feeling a bit euphoric in larger doses. Stick to small amounts to feel less of this famous marijuana trait, or just enjoy the deep relaxation it encourages, and the uplifting sensation that goes along with it.

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Have you been weighing your options before you buy cannabis seeds? Well, put the scales away because you’ve found everything you need to get growing. We have over 500 cannabis seeds for sale that are fully-feminized and lab-tested for authentic genetics and selected by human hands after you place your order. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when you’re preparing to grow your own strains!

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