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10 08, 2016

Marijuana Legalization in Canada

By |2022-10-04T14:50:49-07:00August 10th, 2016|All Posts|

Rarely does a day go by when one news report or other isn’t talking about the state of marijuana in Canada. The topic specifics vary - the recently-formed task force, reactions of political representatives from municipal to federal, input from the latest dispensary owner - but as the legal landscape continues to change, we’re bound [...]

27 07, 2016

Can Marijuana Help Battle Opioid Addiction?

By |2023-02-27T15:23:32-08:00July 27th, 2016|All Posts, Cannabis Health, Cannabis News, Medical Cannabis|

Most drugs are addictive. And while marijuana doesn’t entirely escape this label - it can be habit-forming, the same way you can begin to “need” anything that makes you feel better - it is less addictive than tobacco or alcohol, and withdrawal is rare. Marijuana comes into play with addiction in a different way, [...]

13 07, 2016

Determining the Right Cannabis Dosage

By |2023-02-22T17:54:40-08:00July 13th, 2016|All Posts, Cannabis Education, Medical Cannabis|

Science and anecdotal evidence have shown us that medical cannabis has potential for just about anything that ails you. From headaches to cancer, this “miracle” drug is flanked by incredible stories of seriously ill people recovering, or at least finding refuge, from terrible sickness using only this all-natural plant. But whatever its wonders, just [...]