What is the Pechoti Method?

pechoti method

As we are all likely becoming aware, CBD is getting increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medicine. People are choosing to use CBD to treat a huge range of different issues, like stress, anxiety, migraines, sleeplessness, and chronic pain thanks to its anecdotal therapeutic benefits. That’s where the Pechoti Method comes into play. To put it simply, the Pechoti Method is (wait for it) an ancient technique by which CBD is consumed through the belly button. Yes, really!

A popular method for the ingestion of CBD is via oil. CBD gets extracted from the marijuana plant and mixed with a carrier oil, thereby becoming what we know as CBD oil. But, some people really do not care for the taste or texture of CBD oil in their mouths, and, for that same reason, don’t really feel jazzed about adding it to their food or beverages, let alone applying it directly under the tongue. How are these individuals, then, meant to consume CBD oil and reap its many benefits?

An Ayurvedic tradition

According to Ayurvedic tradition, when babies from within their mothers’ wombs, they have what is known as a Pechoti gland located behind their belly button. This area is where the nutrients flow from mother to baby. After the baby has been born, this Pechoti gland remains in place even after the umbilical cord is snipped, and it remains there through the rest of that child’s life. By applying CBD oil to this gland area via the Pechoti Method, all around the belly button, CBD can be consumed in a tasteless manner that still allows cannabis users to reap the benefits of this incredible cannabinoid.

Absorbing CBD through the belly button

Ayurvedic medical practitioners have found that the application of CBD oil to the Pechoti gland has proven vastly effective against both mental and physical issues that patients are combating. The belly button is a viable vehicle for absorbing and distributing the essential oils, fatty acids, and cannabinoids that are present in CBD oil. According to Ayurvedic tradition, the Pechoti Method is successful when users smear a bit of CBD oil into and around the belly button in a gentle manner. That’s all that they need to do! Then, the Pechoti gland takes over, allowing entry of the CBD oil into the intestine, which has a large number of cannabinoid receptors.

Who prefers to use the Pechoti Method?

As mentioned, the Pechoti Method may be a great option for CBD users who are not big fans of the taste of or texture of CBD oil orally. It’s also growing in popularity among people who would like to use CBD oil to treat their health issues but aren’t physically able to ingest it orally. Because of the Pechoti gland’s close proximity to the intestines, the Pechoti Method can be quite useful for people hoping for relief from gastrointestinal issues, as well as those dealing with endocrine system ailments. It has even been said to have a positive effect on anyone who wants to improve their gut health. Some firmly believe that the Pechoti Method also does wonders to improve immunity.

Other reasons to try the Pechoti Method

Even if you don’t particularly mind the taste of CBD oil, there are a couple of other reasons that you might consider giving the Pechoti Method a try. When you apply CBD oil directly to your belly button, it may be the best place of entry for spreading the cannabinoid to the far reaches of your body in an efficient manner rather than through the mouth. 

If you’ve already brushed your teeth and gotten ready for bed at night, you could try applying a small amount of CBD oil to your navel area to help you get a great night’s rest without having to pull out the toothpaste again. Basically, the moment that the CBD oil is applied to the Pechoti gland, your body will do the important work of spreading it to where you need it the most.

Pechoti Method dos and don’ts

It probably goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: those who are suffering from abdominal injuries or recent surgeries, or any injuries within the belly button itself should definitely avoid giving the Pechoti Method a try.

But, if your belly button is in the clear, why not give the Pechoti Method a try, switching it up from taking your CBD oil orally? Not only will you avoid the taste altogether, as well as the need to mask it, but you might also even discover some new benefits to getting the CBD in the body this way. And, whether you plan to imbibe in your CBD oil through your belly button or not, Growers Choice Seeds is a fantastic place to find the best high CBD cannabis seeds on the market.

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