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Let’s be honest: there are a lot of cannabis products on the market for you to keep up with. Whether it’s a bong, a pipe, a grinder, a vaporizer, or something in between, there’s always a new product out there for consumers to enjoy. And today, we’re focusing on gravity bongs.

If you’ve never heard of a gravity bong—or never had the pleasure of smoking out of one—we’re here to help. Below, Growers Choice Seeds is covering the ins and outs of these gravity bongs, also known as “grav bongs” and “waterfall bongs,” how to use one, and even some of the best options on the market for buying. Let’s get started.

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Cannabis Products: What is a Gravity Bong?

For many people, gravity bongs are homemade pieces that you throw together when you’re super low on bud and want to get the most out of your flower. However, today, you can even purchase high-quality, innovative gravity bongs online for an even more enhanced experience.

Essentially, these bongs operate on the principle of using water to generate a vacuum that pulls smoke into a chamber, typically a large plastic bottle or a bucket. It usually involves cutting a plastic bottle in half and using a larger container like a bucket or a second, larger water-filled plastic bottle. The bottom half of the smaller bottle is submerged in water, while the top is fitted with a bowl packed with cannabis.

To use them, you light the bowl and lift the bottle slowly out of the water while still keeping its bottom submerged. This action causes a vacuum that pulls smoke from the burning cannabis into the bottle ( and the higher the bottle is lifted without letting the bottom come out of the water, the more smoke is drawn into the chamber). In general, these homemade bongs are utilized for efficacy, potency, and ease—especially if you’re in a smoking emergency and all you’ve got is some water and a bottle.

Are Gravity Bongs Legal?

If you’re wondering about the legality of these products, don’t fret: gravity bongs are legal. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, too, you can easily utilize these bongs with your favorite home-grown weed you cultivated from Growers Choice Seeds!

With gravity bongs, you have to follow the cannabis regulations in your area. If weed is illegal, you cannot use these bongs for anything other than hemp, tobacco, or legal herbs. But, if you have a medical marijuana card, or are a recreational marijuana consumer in a legal state, you’re completely good to go to either buy one of these waterfall bongs online or make one for yourself right at home.

Keep in mind that even if you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can still buy these bongs online and ship them to your home. But, again, you cannot use them for cannabis flower, only legal plants.

Is a Gravity Bong Worth It?

With how many cannabis products are available on the market today, a lot of people find themselves asking, “Is a gravity bong worth it?” Essentially, is it going to be better than your typical glass bong?

And the answer is that it depends! Many people won’t utilize gravity bongs as their everyday bongs simply because they do take a bit more work to put together—and they hit really hard. That being said, they are absolutely worth it when you want to experience super-powerful hits or have a group together that’s interested in some fun. In these situations, having a gravity bong is absolutely worth it.

Since you can make bucket bongs at home with household items, they are also great choices for consumers who want to smoke but may not have glass on them. If your bong has recently broken or you’re visiting somewhere new, turning to a homemade gravity bong can be absolutely worth it.

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What’s the point of a gravity bong?

Now, you may be wondering, “What’s the point of a gravity bong? Why not just use my regular bong?” And those are great questions! Once again, the answer is going to depend on the consumer.

In general, standard gravity bongs can be highly efficient in terms of smoke production and delivery. They use water and gravity to generate a dense, concentrated smoke from a relatively small amount of cannabis, great for anyone looking to save their stash. For those who prefer to make their own, gravity bongs can be constructed from household items without the need to purchase specialized smoking apparatus. This DIY aspect makes it a cost-effective option for some users.

Finally, some people prefer the gravity bong for the unique cannabis consumption experience it offers. The process of watching the smoke fill the chamber and then inhaling it all at once can be incredibly satisfying compared to more traditional methods of smoking. But, again, the reason for choosing a gravity bong is going to be different for everyone!

Is a gravity bong stronger than a regular bong?

Typically, yes, a gravity bong is going to produce stronger results than a regular bong—and it’s one of the main reasons people turn to these bongs in the first place. Because the smoke is concentrated and the user typically inhales a large volume at once, the effect can be stronger and more immediate compared to other smoking methods.

Gravity bongs ensure that the smoke is not only concentrated but also delivered efficiently to the lungs. The forced inhalation from pushing the smaller container back into the water propels the smoke quickly and deeply into the lungs, which can increase the rate and efficiency of THC absorption. Plus, consumers typically take large, single hits from gravity bongs, consuming the smoke generated from the entire bowl in one large inhale.

This can contrast with regular bongs where the smoke is usually inhaled more gradually, over several hits. The large volume of smoke inhaled at once can significantly amplify the effects, making the session feel more potent overall.

How to Make a Gravity Bong at Home

You know what a gravity bong is and why people use it; so, how can you make one at home if you’re interested? Thankfully, the process is easy and straightforward, requiring only household items that you’ll likely already have.

To make a gravity bong at home, you’re going to need a plastic bottle, like a 2-liter soda or water bottle, and a larger container, such as a bucket or a kitchen sink filled with water. Begin by cutting the bottom off the plastic bottle, leaving the cap on. Next, create a bowl on the cap of the bottle by making a small hole in the cap and inserting a metal or glass bowl piece, or by using aluminum foil to shape a makeshift bowl. Once your bowl is secured on the cap, fill your larger container with water.

After this, submerge the bottle in the water with the cap removed, then fill your bowl with ground weed. Screw the cap back on, and then light the cannabis while slowly lifting the bottle out of the water to fill it with smoke. However, be careful not to lift it out completely, or you’ll lose the smoke. Once filled, unscrew the cap, place your mouth over the bottle’s opening, and inhale the milky smoke inside.

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How to Use a Stündenglass Gravity Bong

In case you want the potency of a gravity bong but don’t want to make the whole device yourself, you can splurge and buy one online. The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser is, arguably, the most popular glass gravity bong on the market today, being endorsed by famous stoner Seth Rogen himself. Made out of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum with advanced airflow technology, you won’t believe the kind of smoking experience you get from this technological piece. 

Once you have your hands on this impressive bong, you’ll start by filling one of the glass globes with water until it reaches the indicated level. Then, pack your bowl with weed and attach it to the top of the Stündenglass. From here, you’ll light the flower in the bowl as you gently flip the borosilicate glass globes, creating a gravitational force that causes water to move to the lower globe and pull air through the bowl. This, in turn, lights the flower, filling the upper globe with smoke.

Once the upper globe is filled with hydrated smoke, you can inhale through the adjustable mouthpiece attached to the hose. Then, for another hit, rotate the globes again, as this water displacement activates the airflow technology to push the remaining smoke out. It sounds complicated, but you’ll get the hang of your Stündenglass Gravity Infuser after just a few puffs of this contactless experience.

Getting the Most Out of Your Cannabis Products With Growers Choice Seeds

Whether you’re making one at home or planning on buying a fancy Stündenglass Gravity Bong, Growers Choice Seeds is here to ensure that you start with the best: high-quality seeds to grow high-quality weed.

Growers Choice Seeds is an online seed bank that offers a huge selection of cannabis seeds for you to grow right home to pack in your gravity bong. We offer feminized strains like White Widow or autoflowering seeds like Tangerine Dream; or, you can sort through weed types and find popular indicas, sativas, and hybrids including Blue God, Orange Crush, and Bay 11. Truly, no matter what weed seeds you’re looking for, Growers Choice has excellent options for you and your gravity bong adventures.

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