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What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

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It’s a question we know has been keeping you awake at night: What are feminized cannabis seeds? Many people who have used medical or recreational cannabis for years have not heard of feminized seeds for one simple reason: the term is inconsequential in the realm of prepared cannabis. That’s really the major take-away for feminized cannabis seeds, from a consumer’s perspective; growing plants from feminized cannabis seeds will not detract from harvest or bud quality in any way! In fact, they can even produce better medicine!

On the other hand, if you’re planning to start growing cannabis at home, it’s very important that you understand at least the rudimentary significance of feminized cannabis seed, and you’re in luck! That’s what I’m here to explain to you, today.

At Growers Choice, we sell only feminized cannabis seeds. Our fast-flowering, high-CBD, and auto-flowering seeds (that’s a post for another day!) are all fully and reliably feminized. Choosing feminized seeds takes a lot of the guesswork out of growing marijuana at home, and saves you money in the end.

First of all, let’s take a look at cannabis plants from a sexual perspective. Wink.

Non-Feminized Cannabis Seeds

what are feminized cannabis seeds
Without feminized cannabis seeds, you’ll get a combination of male and female plants.

Like many other plants, female cannabis plants can be pollinated by male plants. When pollination occurs, the female plants produce cannabis seeds that can be planted to grow more cannabis. In general, male plants exist to pollinate female plants, and female plants want to be pollinated – like most living things, cannabis plants are geared to ensure the continuation of their species.

Though both males and females are essential to reproduction, only female plants produce flowers or “buds” that can be dried, smoked, vaporized, or made into edibles. And only female plants that haven’t been pollinated produce useable flowers. That means, if you’re growing cannabis solely for the flowers, you don’t want male plants.

People who plant regular (non-feminized) cannabis seeds need to pay careful attention to their crops and weed out male plants before they can reach maturity and pollinate the females. Planting regular seeds basically guarantees that you will be paying for more seeds than harvestable plants, and leaving empty spots in your grow room or garden that could have been filled with harvestable plants.

Looking at – and even running scientific tests on – a cannabis seed will not tell you whether it will grow into a male or female plant. That’s why you won’t see seed companies selling “all female seeds”. If you do, I’d suggest you research their authenticity. The only way to guarantee that the seeds you plant will all be female is to buy feminized cannabis seeds.

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How Are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

Cannabis plants are suitable for the feminization process because they have the ability to self-pollinate. If a female plant feels it is in danger of not being pollinated – because of climate, age, or other stressors – it can pollinate itself. Though hermaphroditic cannabis plants do exist, this process isn’t actually a sign of a hermaphrodite; fully female cannabis plants can self-fertilize.

If a farmer or botanist encourages this self-fertilization in these female plants – by presenting natural stressors or spritzing the plants with colloidal silver to spur the development of pollen sacs – the resulting seeds will be almost entirely female. The “why” is actually quite simple: with no interaction from a male plant, no male chromosomes will be in the seeds!

When feminization first began, there were complaints of hermaphroditic plants growing from the feminized seeds. Today, though, the process is carried out by expert growers and has been so fine-tuned, that the results are 99% reliable. We have never had a customer come back to us with a complaint about a male or hermaphroditic plant showing up in their crop!

What Are the Benefits of Buying Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Buying feminized cannabis seeds will save you time, space, and money. Here’s how:

feminized marijuana seeds for sale
Save time, money, and space by buying feminized cannabis seeds from a reputable provider like Growers Choice!
  1. Time: When you know every cannabis plant will be female, you don’t have to spend the extra hours scanning the plants to watch for males, and pulling up the male plants once they’re identified.
  2. Space: If you have to weed out half, or even just ¼ of your plants to prevent pollination, you’re left with a bunch of empty spaces in your growing area that could have been filled with harvestable female plants.
  3. Money: Though feminized cannabis seeds sometimes cost a little more than non-feminized seeds, you will be harvesting buds from every seed you buy, not just some. A vial of 10 non-feminized seeds could produce anywhere from 1 to 10 female plants. A vial of 10 feminized seeds will produce 10 female plants.

Are you sold on feminized cannabis seeds? At Growers Choice, we offer a fantastic selection, all of them reliable, fresh, and covered by our 90% germination guarantee (two-seed minimum). We don’t pick favorites but … what the heck. Here are some of our favorites:

There you have it – the long-hazy question of what are feminized cannabis seeds finally answered! Now, get out there and get growing!

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