Top 10 Cannabis Storage Mistakes

don't make these weed storage mistakes

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If you’re a cannabis user, you’ve probably wondered how long you can keep your weed. In fact, you may be reading this article because you’re looking for tips on a proper storage. Well, you’re in the right place.

In this guide, we’re going to give you tips to make your cannabis last. You see, the truth is that you won’t keep it good for long if you throw it into a baggie and call it a day. To ensure that those beautiful buds remain nice and fresh for as long as possible, you have to avoid these common stash storage mistakes.

Here they are.

Mistake #1: Storing Marijuana in a Freezer

If you do this, the below-freezing temperatures will adversely affect the plant material. For example, the trichomes will become brittle and break off. Also, the buds are known to quickly lose moisture in extremely cold temperatures and become dry. This also means bye bye, potency!


Keep the storing temperature between 32° and 68° F.

Mistake #2: Keeping Buds in a Clear Jar and Exposing Them to Light

The best way to store marijuana is in a cool, dark place (just like germination!). When the buds are exposed to light (especially excessive sunlight) or heat, they quickly dry out. Moreover, light reduces the freshness and potency, and worsens taste.


The best way is to store cannabis in a place protected from sunlight; also, in some cases, cannabis users prefer opaque or dark-colored glass containers. If you choose this way of storing, you’ll have to learn to make hash and other nifty extras, because your cannabis will be as fresh and potent as can be.

do not store pot in a baggie
We know it’s classic, but resist the urge to store your weed in a plastic baggie.

Mistake #3: Storing Marijuana in a Plastic Bag

Some inexperienced cannabis users think that a plastic baggie will solve all their storing problems. In reality, however, the plastic materials often have a static charge that attracts trichomes and leaves them clinging to the bag.

So, a plastic bag could be considered only as a temporary solution for storage.

Mistake #4: Storing Marijuana near Electronics

Electronics and other devices generate heat which, as you already know, adversely affects marijuana. So, if you prefer to store your weed on top of the TV, computer, or refrigerator, it’ll suffer from heat emissions.

Mistake #5: Keeping Accessories with Marijuana

Not only is storing accessories like pipes and grinders right beside your buds far from sanitary, but the ash and resin from the burned bud will affect the flavor and aroma quality of the weed.

Mistake #6: Leaving Buds in a Pill Container

This is also not the best way to store weed because it only works for a few days because dryness and oxygen will ultimately reduce the quality of the bud as well as its potency.

buy cannabis seeds online
We know it’s medicine, but opt for glass over plastic.

Mistake #7: Breaking up the Buds for Storage

Don’t do this: keeping them as intact as possible ensures that they’ll last longer.

Mistake #8: Too much Manhandling During Storage

Touching and jostling marijuana around will accelerate the crumbling of those nice, firm buds, so we recommend not manhandling them too much as you prepare them for storage. Store your weed in small portions, if possible, to be able to take as much material as you need without breaking down the integrity of the flower and breaking off a lot of trichomes.

Mistake #9: Not Checking on Your Weed Regularly

If you followed all recommendations on weed storage, you might have a lot of confidence that it will stay fresh for a long time. However, that doesn’t mean that shouldn’t take a look at it once in a while. For example, if you’ve put your marijuana in a clear glass jar, you can easily take a peek without opening the jar and exposing it to oxygen.

Check on your weed regularly, at least once every couple of weeks. You should be fine, but look out for any mold or other unwanted developments

Mistake #10: Using Storage Containers that are Too Large

The size of the container (box, mason jar etc.) you choose to store your cannabis should be just right to the amount of the material that needs to be stored. If you go with something that is disproportionate to the amount of cannabis you want to store, you’ll expose the material to too much oxygen, which degrades it and reduces its potency.

Over to You

As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert or have some ridiculously expensive equipment to store your cannabis well and retain its quality. Following these tips will help you to avoid coughing your lungs out because of improperly stored buds. Happy storing!

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