Let’s talk about the fact that is global warming. As our planet continuously heats up, we see undeniable facts that Mother Nature cannot retain the same amount of resources for living creatures to survive. But what’s the point in addressing a problem without a solution? That’s where we come in. What if we said that an increase in cannabis plants could help prevent global warming, or at least slow it down?

Look at Australia. The start of 2020 broke the news that almost the entire East coastline caught on fire and destroyed 90% of the koala population. Then, we have melting ice caps in Antarctica, rising water levels in Italy, and black skies over California from falling ash and the Malibu fires that left thousands homeless. With the 2020 US election just around the corner, most Presidential candidates have come forth to say they’d legalize recreational cannabis in a heartbeat—in all 50 states, no less. Not only would medical patients get the help they need, but the planet would also benefit. An article published by HighTimes.com counts four key ways that nation-wide cannabis legalization could stem the tide of global warming.

Neutralize Carbon Emissions

Since it all relates to science, let’s rewind to high school biology class. What do plants produce? Oxygen. What do plants need to survive? Carbon dioxide. Quite literally, it’s the opposite for humans and other living creatures. Think about all those koalas and kangaroos in Australia! They deserve better. 

According to HighTimes, carbon dioxide levels on Earth are the highest they’ve been in 400,000 years. “Fortunately, plants absorb CO2 from the air and produce oxygen via photosynthesis. It’s been reported that each ton of hemp grown absorbs 1.63 tons of CO2. A nationwide hemp-growing program could help neutralize carbon emissions.”

Put An End To Deforestation

As the number of plants decreases, so does the level of oxygen in the air. But did you know that cutting down plants also increases carbon dioxide? Per Scientific American, “deforestation accounts for 15% of global warming—more than cars and trucks combined (14%).” We need to put an end to deforestation and grow cannabis plants instead. Let’s make our planet as green as it once used to be. Personally, I’m tired of looking down from an airplane window to see nothing but brown hills for miles and miles.

Replace Plastic With Hemp Products

The massive boom in the cannabis industry can only mean two things—entrepreneurship and ingenuity. With each year comes additional opportunities to utilize cannabis in innovative ways. Take Buffalo Hemp Co., for example. This company found a way to replace plastic with hemp to produce products such as flowerpots and trays. Additionally, CEO Denver Mackintosh promised back in 2018 that he’d use hemp to “replace more traditional plastic products like utensils and pill bottles.”

Only a year or so later, we launched the ‘Save The Turtles’ campaign in an effort to decrease the use of plastic straws and plastic bottles. In certain States, plastic cups and utensils are only given out when specifically asked for. They are not automatically on-display inside the restaurant. Grocery stores now encourage shoppers to bring their own reusable bags.

Legal Cannabis Is Better For Emissions

Last but certainly not least, the shift to legal cannabis plantation could cut emissions that come from illegal indoor gardens. Illegal cannabis plantation “generates 15 metric tons of carbon emissions annually, equal to the pollution produced by three million cars.” What we need in this circumstance is more power and control over cannabis’ carbon footprint. We could achieve this by legalizing cannabis across the board. If we don’t know who’s growing what (or how much), we’ll never be able to sustain a healthy oxygen/carbon dioxide balance.

Other Ways To Prevent Global Warming

  • Put an end to fracking
  • Reuse, reduce, recycle
  • Walk or take public transit more often
  • Use less hot water
  • Avoid products with unrecyclable packaging
  • Plant more trees and green life

Here’s the bottom line—cannabis legalization is simply a must in 2020. Global warming is real and it’s time we do something about it. Legal cannabis benefits everyone and everything, from the wildlife to the trees to the air to people to every country. We say 2020 because it dictates a new Presidential Candidate, someone who has the power to federally legalize cannabis.