The History of Super Silver Haze

A superior strain that traces its parentage to hard-hitting celebs Northern Lights #5, Skunk, and, of course, Haze, Super Silver Haze has walked away with the top prize at three Cannabis Cup awards and has been hailed as a star by other impressive sources as well. Popular with medical and recreational crowds, this impressive strain is the perfect choice for complaints like stress and lack of motivation.

Is Super Silver Haze an Energizing Strain?

Known for its long-lasting, energetic high, Super Silver Haze also gives a nod to its latent indica roots (just 20%) by mellowing out further on in the experience. The presence of indica also features in the thick THC resin (hence the “silver” in its name) that coats the long buds. When burned or vaporized, Super Silver Haze offers up a spicy, citrusy flavor, and will start you off with a happy, uplifting sensation that will make you want to get moving (but please stay safe!). Take a deep whiff of Super Silver Haze, and you’ll catch notes of its Skunk heritage, balanced out with a facet of sweet and spicy. Not for the faint of heart, the heady plants grown from these cannabis seeds deliver a wallop – you can expect a serious psychoactive effect alongside the numerous medicinal benefits.

As such, this cannabis strain not recommended for people seeking pain relief without the mental high. (Instead, try one of our CBD-rich strains, such as CBD Blueberry!) Once the dose sets in, users will likely experience an uplifting, euphoric high that moves them to move! They may find themselves itching to get outside, explore, and be productive. But Super Silver Haze isn’t the best choice for staying active, because as this stimulating peak dies down, senses sharpen, and a bone-deep relaxation sets in. At this point, users are often overtaken by a body-numbing, happy calm that basically eliminates the desire to do much of anything. If you’re looking to de-stress or tone down the anxious thoughts, improve your mood, or calm a nauseous stomach, these cannabis seeds are a good daytime choice; you may also find relief from migraine or headaches. If you’re primarily seeking pain relief but are intrigued by the promise of the short-lived energy surge, give this strain a try.

Top Three Effects of Super Silver Haze

  1. Uplifting
  2. Stress relief
  3. Mood elevation

Growing Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds

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Indoors or out, Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds won’t disappoint!

If you’ve opted for an indoor hydroponic garden set-up, Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds are the perfect choice for you, though they will do just fine outside in the soil, as well. Either way, you can look forward to an impressive harvest of up to 800g (28 oz) of flower per square meter indoors, and more than two pounds per plant on the sky-high stretch of an outdoor plant. Expect a moderate growing time – SSH generally completes its flowering stage in 60 to 70 days, placing it somewhere between our fast-flowering strains and slow-bloomers like Afghan. With proper care, the strain will thrive in a Screen of Green arrangement, and other types of stress training have real promise. Though not overly difficult to grow, if you’re a first-time gardener you might want to start with a simpler strain such as Power Plant.

Medical Benefits of Super Silver Haze Cannabis Seeds

Medically, Super Silver Haze is touted as a treatment for stress and anxious thoughts; it will kick those troubling worries to the curb in exchange for a carefree, heady feeling of joy. You might find you develop the munchies when medicating with Super Silver Haze cannabis seeds, a harmless side effect that can even come in handy for people struggling with eating disorders, chemotherapy treatments or nausea. Depending on your internal composition, you may find SSH can ease away your chronic pain or migraine, though often a strong indica is the best choice for these symptoms. Our top-notch cannabis seeds can also grow into powerful fatigue fighters and mood elevators.

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