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Induction Heating Vaporizers: Hot or Not?

induction heating

Anyone who regularly imbibes in cannabis may be well aware of the changing landscape of vaporizers over the years. And, perhaps the most cutting-edge form of vaporizers to hit the market today are what are known as induction heating vaporizers. Let’s read more about the buzz on this hot (literally) new method of vaporizing.

What is induction heating, anyway?

Induction is known as the process during which an electrically conducting object (most commonly of a metal variety) is heated by the heat that is created within the object by eddy currents. When talking about induction heating vaporizers, it is important to note that the heat is generated within the vaporizer itself, rather than via an external source of heat—there is no actual contact that your cannabis (or other substance of choice) will make with a heat source.

Benefits of induction heating vaporizers

So, what’s so amazing about induction heating vaporizers? Well, induction heating is popular for a number of reasons, among them that it is efficient and cost-effective, as well as fast and accurate. All of these are great qualities that are highly desirable in a vaporizer, which explains why more and more cannabis users are pursuing the induction heating vaporizer route.

What makes induction heating vaporizers better?

Prior to the introduction of induction heating vaporizers on the market, the most common forms of heating methods in vaporizers were convection and conduction, which are both still readily available. 

Frequent users of marijuana might be familiar with conduction heating vaporizers, which allow large and dense smoke clouds to be exhaled. This reaction is possible because conduction heating vaporizers directly heat your substance and then transform it into a vapor that is smokable. One downside of conduction heating vaporizers is that often the flavor of the cannabis suffers in order to deliver a quick hit because the direct heat of conduction can burn the cannabis itself as it is heating up–which is definitely not always ideal.

With convection heating vaporizers, on the other hand, users will definitely get a better taste of the product while vaping than with conduction heating vaporizers. Rather than directly heating/burning the cannabis (or other product of your choice), it receives indirect heat via hot air that is produced in the chamber that the product is within. Not only does this make the cannabis taste better, but it also allows the user to get more for their money in the long run, because the product lasts longer.

Induction heat vaping cannabis

Many people find that induction heat vaporizers are an ideal choice for consuming cannabis because the cannabis itself doesn’t come into direct contact with heat. This decreases the number of carcinogens and other elements that are inhaled along with the herb when it is heated with a lighter, for example. And, as described above, induction heating vaporizers heat quickly and accurately, getting the cannabis to the precise temperature that each user desires without sacrificing the flavor of the marijuana.

Are these vaporizers right for me?

Though there are only a few induction heating vaporizers on the market at this time, there is little doubt that the number of these useful contraptions will continue to grow. One of the most popular induction heating vaporizers available uses what they consider “ultra-heating” in order to heat the cannabis over the normal point of combustion, without it actually combusting. This ensures that each and every terpene gets heated up but all of the harmful bits from overheating remain separated out and are not ingested.

Additionally, induction heating vaporizers are able to heat up with lightning speed–as quickly as 20 seconds or less, which may not be critical for all cannabis users, but will definitely appeal to many. There are absolutely many pros (and few cons) to ingesting cannabis via an induction heating vaporizer, including its ease of use, the quality of flavor of cannabis that it retains, its speed, and its efficiency. And, Grower’s Choice Seeds is an excellent source for premium feminized cannabis seeds that will eventually fill your vaporizer (or another ingestion method of choice). Be sure to check out the Grower’s Choice Seeds website for more information on all things marijuana.

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