Everything About CBD Seeds

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Seeds


Even if you use cannabis, you might not know all of its nomenclatures. That’s especially true about the stuff that isn’t self-explanatory. For example, if we say a strain is “skunky,” you may be able to glean a little something from that. However, then there are words like “indica” and “sativa,” and unless you are educating yourself on marijuana you may not know what these words really mean. Of course, once you get to the point where you are buying seeds so that you can grow plants at home for personal use, you probably have some knowledge of cannabis. Still, as you decide on what seeds to buy, you may want to know more. What strain is right for you? Also, there are some things you might be in the dark on. Perhaps you know about THC, or at least have heard of it. You have some sense of what THC is, if not a true and full sense. Then, a few more letters are thrown around like “CBD.” What is CBD? How is it related to THC? Are there CBD seeds? What would “CBD seeds” be? Why might you consider CBD seeds? CBD is a key cog in the cannabis machine, and knowing more about it might make you a more effective cannabis consumer, not to mention a better cannabis grower.

What do CBD seeds contain when it comes to CBD?

So what is CBD? Those three letters might not tell you a ton. The cannabis plant has been researched for decades. Along the way, they began to find new chemical compounds within the plant. They decided to call those cannabinoids. Among those cannabinoids is the compound we now call THC. THC, just so you know, is the psychoactive element of marijuana. Then, there is cannabidiol, which we now call CBD. It, too, is a cannabinoid, but of course, it is quite different from THC. This is the CBD that is found in “CBD” seeds. However, even seeds that aren’t considered CBD seeds contain some CBD. However, most marijuana strains have a low CBD level, so you don’t get much, if anything, from the CBD.

OK, so what are CBD seeds?

Well, as a company that sells seeds for growing marijuana for personal use, we define CBD seeds in a specific way, and we will be discussing that later. However, there is another avenue related to CBD that we want to touch on first. There are CBD products that are simply CBD products. They aren’t related to marijuana strains at all. You see, there are cannabis plants that contain little to no THC. These plants are called hemp. Hemp is valuable for a multitude of reasons. One reason is that hemp, and hemp byproducts, are legal in all 50 states in America. Hemp still contains plenty of cannabinoids, though. That includes CBD. There are CBD products that are derived from hemp, and those products are quite popular. However, since there isn’t any real THC content, you don’t get any psychoactive effects from CBD products, which is why people will use them sometimes. Now, could you grow hemp from “CBD seeds” and then use that CBD for your personal use? Yes, but that can be a bit trickier. For our purposes, though, we aren’t talking about these CBD products. We are talking about CBD-heavy marijuana strains, which we call “high-CBD strains.”

What are high-CBD strains?

As we said, a lot of marijuana strains are low in CBD. If you want to feel the full effects of a THC-rich strain and have fun or whatever, the THC content of these strains may be a little low. On the other hand, if what you want from your marijuana experience is to experience soothing and even euphoric effects without the potent effects of THC, then a CBD-rich strain might be right for you.

What are CBD seeds offering me in terms of strains?

Growers Choice Seeds offers high-quality seeds for a variety of strains. Most of them are not high in CBD, though, and would not qualify as CBD seeds. CBD seeds are a bit of a niche market, but if you are in that market, we still have you covered with some great high-CBD medical strains. Plus, we might add more in the future, as we are always adding strains to our list of choices for your seed needs. As of this moment, we have seeds for numerous high-CBD medical strains. Most all of these strain names begin with “CBD,” so for simplicity’s sake we will just provide you with the rest of their names: ACDC, Blueberry, Critical Mango, Critical Mass, Dancehall, Moby Dick, and Shark.

What are CBD seeds providing me in one of these strains?

To serve as an example of what a high-CBD medical strain is all about, let’s focus on Critical Mass. It can serve as a fitting look into what CBD seeds can provide. Critical Mass is an indica-dominant strain. Indica, if you don’t know, is the relaxing, calming type of marijuana. Not that you will get all that high with Critical Mass. It only contains 7% THC. To put that into context, most strains are at 15% or higher. You get just a smidge of that THC, but you also get 7% CBD as well. Critical Mass is great for long-lasting effects. You can smoke some Critical Mass, and then get a good night of sleep. Plus, Critical Mass is easy to grow, flowers quickly, and has a high yield. Do CBD seeds sound right for you? Then a strain like Critical Mass could be a perfect place to start.

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