When you get your cannabis seeds, especially when you are new to growing your own plants for your personal use, you may find yourself keeping a particularly close eye step by step. You’re watching the germinations, you’re watching the plant grow. You start to look for certain things. Does the plant seem healthy? Are the stalks robust? Do the leaves appear healthy? When you start growing your own marijuana for personal use, we are sure you want to know the signs of a healthy plant that will likely yield the results you are looking for. However, there is one thing you might not be aware you need to pay attention to. When it comes to marijuana plants, you want to be able to tell a male plant from a female plant. The early signs of female plants are good to be able to identify. Growers Choice Seeds is here to provide you with high-quality seeds, but also to arm you with the knowledge you need to have the best growing experience possible. Why do the early signs of female plants matter in the world of marijuana? And what do you need to look for? Growers Choice has you covered!

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Why do I need to know the early signs of a female plant?

Alright, so now you know there are male and female cannabis plants. When you plant a marijuana seed, it could yield a male plant or a female plant. Why does that matter? Is this some sort of battle of the sexes of the plant variety? No, it’s just simply about biology. You can’t argue with botany! We are looking out for our customers, who are primarily at-home growers who are legally allowed to grow a handful of plants for personal use at a time. A plant that does not give you what you want can feel really disappointing when you have only a handful of plants growing at any given time. So how does this play into the fact that male and female marijuana plants exist? There are a few differences between male and female marijuana plants, but one huge one is that matters for marijuana users. Only female marijuana plants have buds. Yes, you read that right. You need female plants to get buds. Buds are vital to the marijuana user, as it is they buds that contain nearly all the THC. There is basically no THC found in male marijuana plants. THC is why marijuana makes you feel high. It’s the psychoactive element of marijuana. A male plant popping up during your at-home grow would leave you with a plant you couldn’t smoke. That would be a waste, right? Thus, it’s important to see the early signs of female plants when you are growing your marijuana.


What are the early signs of a female plant?

How can you identify if your burgeoning marijuana plant is male or female? How can you recognize the early signs of female plants? Well, there are a couple of things you could look for that would possibly help. Male plants tend to grow taller, for example, and they have thicker stalks. Furthermore, female plants have more leaves. Early on, you might be able to see a plant’s stalk growing tall and thick and recognize it as male, or you might see a lot of leaves and realize you have a female marijuana plant on your hands. However, these are trickier early signs of female plants to identify. There is something else you can look for that might be the best option to identify if your plants are female marijuana plants. After about six weeks, you will start to see translucent hairs on female marijuana plants. Now, these are small hairs and can be a little tricky to identify. At the joints where the branches meet the stalks, tear-shaped early buds will start to emerge. These are where you can see these hairs or pistils. Male marijuana plants will never have these. Instead of buds, male weed plants grow pollen sacs. These sacs help, well, pollinate the female plants, which yield more plants. When you are solely growing marijuana for your personal use, though, you only want female plants, so the early signs of female plants are great to see.

Can I avoid needing to find the early signs of a female plant?

If you are growing marijuana for your personal use and see a male plant in the mix, you will want to get rid of it immediately. Now, what if we told you that you didn’t have to worry about this? What if the early signs of female plants were always there? How is such a thing possible? Growers Choice Seeds can make that happen for you. We feminize all the cannabis seeds that we sell our customers. What does this mean? It means selling our customers fully-feminized cannabis seeds. Fully-feminized seeds yield female marijuana plants each and every time. That means, time and time again, getting those buds