Everything About Sativa and Indica Marijuana Plants

Everything You Need to Know About the Differences Between Sativa and Indica


Not every cookie is the same, right? Some have chocolate chips, some have a cream filling, some are big, some are bite size, and so on and so forth. Variety is the spice of life, and that’s true in all sorts of areas. That includes marijuana, of course. Cannabis provides you with all sorts of strains. Some of the differences in the strains are akin to the differences in cookies. There are strains of different flavors and aromas. That includes Girl Scout Cookies, one of the popular strains out there. However, there are more differences in the world of marijuana than smells and tastes. In fact, there are a few different types of cannabis strains, and that includes sativas and indicas. If you use marijuana for any length of time, you likely hear about sativas and indicas. What do those words mean, though? What are sativa strains? What are indica strains? The differences between sativa and indica are clear and distinct. So what’s the story here? It’s time to compare and contrast these two types of marijuana, and doing so may help you decide on your marijuana future. When you buy cannabis seeds to grow your own plants, you may want to choose indica seeds or sativa seeds, but to do that, you need to know what is up.

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Physically Speaking, What Are The Differences Between Sativa And Indica?

There are ways to identify a strain on sight and be able to surmise if it is a sativa or an indica. These are actually two different types of cannabis plants. Well, there are more than that, but we are focused on Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. These are the two primary forms of marijuana that occur in nature. Their geographic locations are responsible for the physical traits that separate these two types of marijuana plants. Sativas grow in warm-weather places like Africa and Central America. As a result, they are less thick and grow more vertically than horizontally. Sativas are decidedly taller than their indica counterparts, and sativa plants often have to be topped when you grow them. Indicas, on the other hand, are shorter, thicker, denser plants. They grow naturally in mountainous regions in Asia. Kush strains, for example, are named for the Hindu Kush mountain region, and they are indicas. Purple strains found in nature are also indicas.

What Are The Differences Between Sativa And Indica When You Smoke Them?

The differences in sativa and indica physically are distinct, but if those were the only differences there likely wouldn’t be as much talk about comparing sativas to indicas. There would be fewer people with strong preferences between the two types of cannabis. However, smoking sativa, compared to smoking indica, is strikingly different. You will get two decidedly-different highs depending on the strain you are using and where it falls categorically. Let’s start on the sativa side of things. Say, for example, you have bought seeds for Durban Poison, a popular, pure sativa strain. It’s grown and you are ready to partake. What kind of experience might you have from a sativa such as this? An energizing one! Sativas often gives you a pick me up, a boost in energy and in spirits. These strains are uplifting in more ways than one. They are also known for their heady highs. Like to feel the mental effects and alterations of marijuana? Then a sativa is what you are looking for. They are favored by creatively-minded smokers and wake-and-bake aficionados. Their energy-giving properties are not ideal before you go to bed, though. Indicas are on the opposite side of the street. They are relaxing, comforting, and soothing. These strains help you chill out and calm down. They are also known for an all-over body high. Want to relax and feel sleepy? Then indicas, like Critical Purple, are the way to go. Of course, the relaxing properties of an indica make these strains not ideal during the day, especially when you have other stuff to do and can’t afford a case of couch lock or an unexpected nap.

What Are The Differences Between Sativa And Indica And Hybrid Strains?

In these modern times, we need not rely on nature for our cannabis plants any longer. Over the years, cultivators and cannabis tinkerers have cross-bred sativa strains and indica strains together. These strains are known as hybrids. They combine the properties of sativas and indicas. Some of these strains are indica dominant, some are sativa dominant, and some are balanced hybrids. How your hybrid strain will affect you comes down to the strains used to create the hybrid. A hybrid may give you the relaxing properties of an indica but have enough sativa to keep you from feeling lethargic or falling asleep. Or, maybe your sativa has a chill, relaxing end note. Oftentimes hybrids do feature an indica-style finish to an energizing, sativa high. Pure sativas and pure indicas still exist, such as the aforementioned Durban Poison and Critical Purple. However, most strains these days are hybrids. Growers Choice Seeds can help point you in the direction of the right hybrid for you. Or feel free to go with a sativa or indica, if you really want to go all in on the experience of one of those two types of cannabis. Whatever you choose, Growers Choice can provide you with perks such as:

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