Guide To Male and Female Marijuana Plants

Everything You Need to Know About Male and Female Marijuana Plants


The battle of the sexes has come to the world of botany! When you grow marijuana at home for personal use, there is a lot to consider. Do you want a sativa, an indica, or a hybrid? What kind of aroma and flavor do you want? Something sweet? Something earthy? Maybe something skunky? How easy is a strain to grow? Then, when your plant is growing, there is something else some marijuana growers need to keep an eye on. There are male and female marijuana plants out there. Does that really matter? Oh, it matters. In fact, the difference between male and female marijuana plants plays a huge role in the marijuana-growing experience. You definitely want to know the difference between whether or not a plant is male or female. Why? What’s the concern? Let us explain what’s up with male and female marijuana plants, and why this distinction is perhaps the biggest one in the world of marijuana. Yes, even bigger than the difference between sativa and indica.

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How can you tell the difference between male and female marijuana plants?

It’s actually fairly easy to eyeball the differences between male and female marijuana plants. Male plants are taller than female plants, and they also have thicker and more robust stalks. Of course, you may need to have two plants side by side to tell this difference. Female marijuana plants tend to be slender, though, which you may be able to figure out without a comparison plant. Leaves can give you a hint as well. Male plants are sparser on the leaf front, while female plants are rich in leaves. With a female marijuana plant, you will also notice V-shaped pistils, as well as fairly-translucent white and orange “hairs” on the plant. There is another distinct difference between male and female marijuana plants. Male plants have pollen sacs, while female plants do not. What they do have, though, is buds.


Wait, buds are a difference between male and female marijuana plants?

You’ve got that right! Female marijuana plants are the only ones that have buds. When you buy marijuana from a dispensary, you are buying buds. You are bringing home THC-rich buds, and THC is the chemical compound that makes marijuana psychoactive. Marijuana’s THC content is almost entirely within the plant’s buds. Male plants have only trace amounts of THC. You aren’t getting high from a male marijuana plant, and there are no buds you can smoke anyway. Male plants are good for hemp fiber, but you aren’t growing marijuana at home to make hemp. You want THC! You want buds! Male marijuana plants are vital botanically speaking. After all, those pollen sacs are what pollinate female marijuana plants. Marijuana couldn’t pollinate without both male and female marijuana plants. As such, marijuana breeders love male plants. They need those genetics in their breeding programs! They need that pollen as well. You, though, aren’t running a breeding program out of your home. You are growing marijuana in limited amounts in order to enjoy resinous, THC-laden buds. For you, male weed plants aren’t wanted. A male plant would not yield any marijuana, and those pollen sacs aren’t going to do you any good. You want female plants because you want that THC.

How do I avoid growing both male and female marijuana plants?

Early in the growing process, signs of male and female marijuana plants may be notable. Within the first four weeks of your plant growing, you may notice the male plants’ pollen sacs, or notice the pre-flowers of a female plant. By the six-week point of your marijuana plant growing, you will almost definitely be able to tell if a plant is male or female. However, what if you never had to worry about this? What if we told you that you never had to worry that you’d end up with both male and female marijuana plants? Growers Choice Seeds can make that happen. We feminize cannabis seeds as part of our company’s work output. What does that mean? Well, it means fully-feminized seeds. Seeds that are fully feminized guarantee you female marijuana plants. Yes, fully feminized seeds will grow you a female plant every single time. Forget about worrying about identifying if you have male and female marijuana plants. Our seeds will ensure you never have a male plant, which means every plant you grow from Growers Choice seeds will yield buds! Every plant will be rich in THC and give you the psychotropic effects you think of when you think of marijuana. Forget about male plants! With Growers Choice Seeds, it’s all female plants all the time!

Beyond not having to worry about differentiating between male and female plants, what else can Growers Choice Seeds help me with?

Fully-feminized seeds are great, of course. Every seed you plant that is delivered by Growers Choice – and we deliver seeds all across the world – will give you a female plant. There’s so much more we can provide you with, though. Our seeds are lab tested for quality, and we hand-select the seeds for every order as well. There is no pre-packaging that is involved in the Growers Choice process. We pay so much attention to our seeds because we offer a germination guarantee on every order. That means at least 90 percent of the seeds in your order will germinate, or we will replace your seeds. On top of that, you know every one of those seeds that germinate and grows will give you a female plant. Hey, for breeders male and female marijuana plants are both necessary. You, though, are an at-home marijuana grower looking to have a few plants for personal use. A male marijuana plant isn’t giving you what you are looking for. Enjoy the fully-feminized seeds that Growers Choice provides for you each and every time. That includes seeds for high-quality, popular strains such as:

  • Critical Purple
  • Diesel
  • Ghost Train Haze
  • Lemon Skunk
  • Purple Kush

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