You’re ready to take your relationship with cannabis to the next level. For whatever period of time, you’ve been using marijuana. You may have your favorite strains at this point. You might use marijuana for relieving stress or to sleep better. Hey, maybe you just like to get high. It’s up to you! Now, though, simply going to the dispensary and buying marijuana won’t cut it. You are going to grow marijuana at home for personal use. That’s great! It’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Growers Choice Seeds can deliver you high-quality seeds for your personal marijuana growing. We can also help you on the journey to successfully growing your own plants. It’s a step-by-step process, and if you choose a strain that’s easy to grow, you should be able to manage it quite well as a beginner. Each part of growing a marijuana plant from a seed is its own thing, but where does it all start? It starts with germinating your cannabis seeds. What does that mean? Also, how do you germinate your cannabis seeds? As we said, we are here to help, and by the time we’re done here, you will be good to go and ready to germinate your cannabis seeds.

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What is germinating cannabis seeds all about?

You’ve seen a marijuana plant, right? Even if you’ve been buying buds from a dispensary, you’ve likely seen a fully-grown marijuana plant, at least online. If you buy seeds from us at Growers Choice, you can go through our catalog and see the fully-grown marijuana plants. That plant started with a seed. Obviously, that seed and that fully-formed plant look quite different. How do you get from point A, the seed, to point B, that plant? Well, it starts with germination. Germination is sprouting, to put it simply. It’s when a seed splits open and a sprout starts to grow out of it. That sprout is the beginning of the plant. When you germinate a cannabis seed and it splits open and sprouts, that sprout is known as the taproot. It will form the basis of your marijuana plant. Germination, in short, is when a seed takes that first step to being a plant. Obviously, if a seed doesn’t germinate, and thus doesn’t sprout, you aren’t getting a plant. That seed is a dud, and it won’t yield any fruit. Or, to be more literal in this case, cannabis.


How do I go about germinating cannabis seeds?

Now you know that if you want cannabis plants, you need to germinate seeds. Fortunately, this is a straightforward process, and you likely have all the material you need to germinate cannabis seeds at home. There are three requirements for cannabis seeds to germinate: air, water, and heat. You can germinate cannabis seeds in a few ways, but there is a tried-and-true method that a lot of at-home marijuana growers use. All you need is a couple of clean plates and a handful of paper towels. Soak two or three paper towels, two will probably suffice, in distilled water. Leave them damp, but not wet. If your paper towels are still dripping, you’ve got too much water in the mix. Take those paper towels and put them on one of the plates. Now, take your seeds and put them on those paper towels. Space them at least one each apart from each other. Repeat the process of dampening a couple more paper towels. Put them on top of the seeds, and then take another plate and use it to cover the whole thing. Basically, create a dome around your cannabis seeds. Then, put the plates somewhere warm. We’re talking between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the next step in germinating cannabis seeds?

Every day you should check on your cannabis seeds once. Give the paper towels a bit of a touch to see if they are still damp. If not, add a little more water into the mix. Remember, damp, not wet. Don’t soak the seeds, just keep them in a wet environment. Your seeds could germinate in as few as three days, and usually, by day 10 they will have germinated. If a seed hasn’t germinated in two weeks, it likely won’t germinate. Sadly, much like Bart in that one Simpsons episode, you got the dud. Once that taproot has emerged, it’s time to get your seed and sprout in the growing medium, which we’re guessing is soil. It is important to keep the seed and the taproot clean and sterile. We recommend using tweezers to plant the seed, carefully, in the soil. If you are careful, everything should turn out just fine, and the taproot will grow into a full marijuana plant with proper care.

Can Growers Choice help me in germinating cannabis seeds?

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