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Some people out there still have a skewed perception of cannabis, and people who use cannabis. They imagine some dude with a bong stoned out of their gourd watching reruns of Friends. In more technical terms, they are imagining somebody who is experiencing the psychoactive effects of marijuana. However, there is much more to the world of cannabis. There are cannabis products that can provide tremendous mental and physical benefits to the user. Not only that, psychoactivity does not have to be involved in the process as well. It’s time to take a different perspective on cannabis. It’s time to talk about CBD and the benefits of having CBD seeds around the home.

Compare Our Premium Cannabis Seeds

Compare Our Cannabis Seed Strains

Diesel 30% Indica, 70% Sativa 17% THC Daytime
Cream Caramel AutoFlowering 10% Ruderalis, 20% Sativa, 70% Indica 16% THC Evening
White Widow 40% Indica, 60% Sativa 26% THC Daytime

What are CBD seeds?

For now, let’s focus on the “CBD” part of this equation. The seeds are for providing you the CBD, but what is CBD? The cannabis plant contains dozens upon dozens of chemical compounds that have been classified as cannabinoids. One of those is cannabidiol, which is what we now know as CBD. This compound has specific properties that can potentially provide wellness benefits to people. These CBD seeds are designed to deliver you the cannabidiol and to be focused on the CBD experience.

How can CBD seeds benefit me?

Why would you want CBD seeds? Based on some anecdotal evidence, there are several ways in which the use of cannabidiol can potentially benefit you. Not only that, CBD is easy enough on the body and mind you could use it every day if you so chose. Here are some of the common reasons why people use CBD, and why they are buying CBD seeds:
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Joint issues
  • Cramps

How do CBD seeds differentiate from marijuana?

Marijuana use can potentially help with various physical and mental conditions. Why go with CBD seeds then? Marijuana is cannabis, of course, and CBD is a product of cannabis. You can find CBD in marijuana. However, there is a lot that is found in marijuana. This brings us to THC. THC is another of the chemical compounds found in some cannabis plants. It is also the reason why marijuana is psychoactive. That perception people have of a cannabis user? It stems from THC. CBD has no psychoactive properties, though. For many, this is ideal. There should be different avenues of cannabis use, right? Some people like a nice, even split of THC and CBD content in their cannabis. Others want just a hint of THC combined with heavy CBD. There are CBD seeds for plants that won’t contain any THC at all, and there’s a reason for that.

What is the legal status of CBD seeds?

Marijuana laws vary from state to state. You have states where an adult can walk into a dispensary and buy recreational marijuana until their heart is content. There are some states where marijuana is saved for medical use, and the freedom of that use can vary as well. Then, there are the states where marijuana is not legal at all. This complicates cannabis usage, and this is why hemp is valuable for those who want to use CBD. When you are buying CBD seeds, you are often buying seeds that will grow a hemp plant. Hemp contains 0.5 percent THC or less. Because of this, hemp is legal all across the country. This means you can grow a hemp plant to use for CBD purposes even in states where marijuana is not legal.

What are some strains that grow from CBD seeds?

If you check out the Growers Choice Seeds website, you will see some CBD-heavy strains that we sell seeds for that allows you to cultivate these plants at your home for your personal use. What’s great about Growers Choice is that all our seeds are hand selected for every order, and we provide a germination guarantee. In fact, for your convenience, we have a section of our website directly dedicated to high-CBD medical seeds. Our strains include CBD Critical Mango, CBD Shark, and CBD Blueberry. These strains are laden with CBD, and provide all the benefits of CBD use, but they are largely lacking in THC. You can avoid feeling high, but still enjoy the CBD experience.

Why should I buy CBD seeds?

Getting into the world of buying CBD seeds, and cultivating your own plants for personal use, is a big step. It’s one thing to buy a CBD oil or to buy a pre-grown cannabis plant, but why should you be buying your own CBD seeds? Well, it gives you more control over the process. It can also be more convenient. Your plants are right there in your own home. Perhaps best of all, in the long run it can save you money. Growing plants from your own CBD seeds means you cut out the middleman. You buy seeds instead of plants, and then the plants you grow are your own. Using seeds from Growers Choice also helps you ensure you are starting with a quality product, not to mention our germination guarantee. On top of that, we deliver seeds as well.

Can you tell me more about the medical cannabis CBD seeds strains?

Absolutely, but we will note that these strains contain more than the 0.5 percent THC that renders a cannabis plant hemp. If you live in a state where marijuana is not legal, you will want hemp CBD seeds, which will still allow you to enjoy all the benefits of using CBD. CBD Critical Mango contains six-percent CBD and THC and is often used for various physical conditions. CBD Moby Dick has the uplifting properties associated with the traditional version of the Moby Dick strain, but the CBD helps counterbalance the psychoactivity of THC. CBD Critical Mass is a great choice for the evening, helping you get a restful night of sleep. Plus, the strain is known for its bountiful plants. A CBD heavy medical marijuana strain is a great middle-road choice for somebody who wants more than just hemp-based CBD, but doesn’t want a full high.

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