Everything You Need to Know About Auto-Flowering Seeds


Cannabis plants give us a lot. Marijuana provides a ton of positive benefits to people. You can buy plants if you want, or you can buy seeds. When you buy seeds, you can grow your own plants for personal use. That can help you save money in the long run. Plus, the plants are all yours! Growers Choice Seeds delivers seeds all over the place, and you can check out our variety of strains in our online catalog. Not only that, we offer a germination guarantee on every seed. Now, not every strain is ideal for beginners. Some are a little trickier to manage. What often makes for a wise choice for the beginning cannabis grower is to go with an auto-flowering strain. These strains are grown, obviously, from auto-flowering seeds. What does this mean, though? Why go with auto-flowering seeds? And does it limit your options on the marijuana strain front? These are some of the questions we are here to answer.

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Do I miss out on anything with auto-flowering seeds?

Is every cannabis strain available with auto-flowering seeds? At this point, not yet. Thanks to selective breedings, more and more strains are becoming available with auto-flowering seeds. That being said, you don’t really miss out on any marijuana experiences if you go with auto-flowering seeds. There are different types of cannabis strains. Sativas are energizing and provide you with a “head high” that is felt more cerebrally, though all THC-laden marijuana is psychoactive. Indicas are felt more in the body and are relaxing and chill you out. Hybrids are, well, a hybrid of sativa and indica strains. They blend the experiences of the two other types of strains. Additionally, you can get the full gamut of aromas and tastes from auto-flowering strains, be it fruity, spicy, herbal, you name it.


What are auto-flowering seeds?

Auto-flowering strains are born out of selective breedings, just like hybrids. In fact, in a way these plants are all hybrids. Auto-flowering seeds include some ruderalis in the mix. Ruderalis species of plants are defined by the fact they are the first plants that repopulate lands that have been disturbed. In fact, the name derives from the Latin for “rubble.” Basically, ruderal plants are fervent growers. They grow rapidly and readily. Ruderalis plants come from Russia, where things aren’t always ideal for plant growth. They are not bred with other marijuana strains in order to change the flavor or the THC content. Ruderalis is introduced into the equation to make a plant grow readily, and also flower automatically. While Cannabis ruderalis is low in THC naturally, thanks to cross-breeding you can find auto-flowering strains that provide plenty of THC.

What are the characteristics of auto-flowering seeds?

You want your marijuana plants to flower, obviously. Flowering is a key part of the cannabis-growing experience. Usually, to make a marijuana plant flower, you have to balance time in light and in the dark, and that makes things a little trickier. There is more you need to pay attention to. Auto-flowering seeds, though, switch to the flowering stage based on age. The light doesn’t matter. Your seeds are going to flower. In fact, a dark period isn’t needed at all. There are some other characteristics associated with strains grown from auto-flowering seeds. They tend to flower after two-to-three weeks of germination, and many plants are ready to harvest after only 13 weeks. In fact, some strains are harvestable in only seven weeks! That’s a quick turnaround. You can grow them in colder climates, and you can get multiple harvests in one season from outdoor plants. Auto-flowering seeds grow quickly, and on top of that, they are resilient plants. If you are concerned about not treating your cannabis plant properly, choosing an auto-flowering strain may be the way to go.

What are some of your auto-flowering seeds?

For beginner growers, an auto-flowering strain is a smart place to start, and we offer a variety of these strains for you. Don’t worry about balancing light periods and dark periods. Get yourself a resilient plant that is going to flower on its own. There are still sativas, indicas, and hybrids available to you. Here are a few of our auto-flowering seed strains that are currently available:

  • Blue Amnesia
  • Candy Kush
  • Durban Poison
  • Gorilla Glue
  • White Widow

Can you describe some of these auto-flowering seed strains?

Absolutely! Gorilla Glue is a potent hybrid that is 40-percent sativa and 50-percent indica, along with 10-percent ruderalis, of course. It has 21-percent THC, and anything over 20 percent is plenty powerful. It has a diesel-y, piney scent and flavor, and it’s good to use any time of day thanks to its balanced hybrid nature. It’s a balance of relaxing and uplifting. Northern Lights is a classic strain. It’s won Cannabis Cup competitions in the past. It’s almost a pure indica and it’s considered a great medical strain. You can use it for various reasons. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are even more auto-flowering seed strains we haven’t named yet!

Should I buy auto-flowering seeds?

If you are worried about your first grow experience, or want a growing experience that is a bit less of a hassle, then we would definitely recommend an auto-flowering strain. You don’t lose anything in terms of THC content. You can get a sativa or an indica. All of that with the help of ruderalis, a cannabis type that makes it so much easier to grow your cannabis plants, regardless of your environment. In truth, you don’t lose out on anything when you go with auto-flowering seeds, save for perhaps a bit of a challenge and also a smidge of choice. If there is a strain you already love that isn’t available auto-flowering just yet, unfortunately, you can’t really do anything about that. However, if you aren’t looking for a specific strain, and you are new to growing marijuana at home, it would definitely be wise to start with auto-flowering seeds.

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