Throughout the world, the status of cannabis is constantly changing. New states and countries are granting improved access for patients, allowing recreational use, putting up more blocks against the movement, and rewriting legislation at the speed of light. Meanwhile, new research is compiled and new products are being developed every day. With everything that’s going on, it can be really tricky to keep up with new developments.

Here at Growers Choice, we don’t claim to know about every policy change and promising study as soon as it happens, but we do try to keep our finger on the pulse of the cannabis community. To help get you up to date, here are just a few recent developments in our sphere!

Catch Up on Cannabis

    1. In Research

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New developments in the medical sphere are happening every day

      • Oxford University is preparing to study the effect of cannabis in vital areas: pain, and inflammation. The “Cannabis Research Plan” is funded in part by a venture capital company that is donating 10 million GBP to cannabinoid research!
      • A scientist at McGill University is preparing to carry out the largest study in the history of cannabis research; he’s aiming at 3,000 participants once all is said and done. His study will explore the health benefits of the plant, along with long-term effects and those questions around driving impairment.
    1. Celebrity Endorsement

      • Go, Sir Patrick Stewart! The acclaimed British actor recently announced his support for medical cannabis, explaining that he uses a topical spray to address pain and stiffness in his hands. As much as it’s kind of sad that celebrity advocacy could make a huge difference in cannabis policy, we’ll take whatever we can get!
      • More good news on the NFL front! The owner of the Dallas Cowboys spoke up in a meeting of team owners, stating he believes the organization ought to drop the ban on the use of medical cannabis for football injuries. Given the terrifying statistics around opioid painkillers, we’re so glad others inside the organization, beyond current and former players, are starting to speak up!
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Bright ideas in the marketplace

    1. On the Market

      • CBD-infused chew? Don’t mind if I do! A subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc. has developed energy chews that kick your ability to focus up a notch, boost energy and brain function, and improve mood. They have Vitamin B in them, too, and were apparently made to replace your morning coffee! Very cool!
    • Have you seen all these cannabis drinks that are hitting dispensary shelves? From sport/energy drinks to simply refreshing, lots of companies are putting out delicious bevies loaded with all the good stuff cannabis supplies to uplift, energize, relax, and generally make you feel better.

If you’ve been too busy to keep abreast of cannabis news, we hope this little list made you feel a bit more in the loop! Thanks for reading, now get out there and Get Growing!

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