Move over Colorado. Marijuana lovers know that the new ‘it’ place for cannabis is Maine, one of the first states on the East Coast to say ‘Yes’ to the green dress! As of November 2016, residents of the Pine Tree State are legally able (and ready and willing) to use and cultivate North America’s other, more contentious tree – cannabis. Is your mouth watering for some local lobster yet? Bring the cannabutter, the game is on! At Growers Choice, we’re all for the new laws allowing the planting of Maine cannabis seeds.

Maine’s Award-Winning Medical Cannabis Program

Though the move to legalize recreational cannabis in Maine is still quite fresh, the New England state has historically been relatively tolerant of ganja, with voters approving the use of medical marijuana back in 1999 (giving everyone statewide an extra reason to party to that popular Prince tune).

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2016 saw the approval of recreational marijuana use in Maine, where patients and general fans alike can now use and grow pot in the comfort of their homes.

In fact, the medical cannabis program here was voted best in the country in 2014, and a 2015 Maineiac poll showed a positive majority of residents were in favor of the move to legalize recreational use.

In this case, the move seems like it would have been inevitable, but even the much-anticipated 2016 ballot initiative for Question 1 was met with some kickback. Opponents of the measure sought a recount after the initial tally, but finally conceded defeat after the recount showed no change in the outcome.

Oh, The Places You Can Toke in Maine

The majesty of the great outdoors abounds in this coastline state, but for the time being, you’ll have to save your daily hit for private property. That small fact hasn’t stopped the state’s newfound relationship with recreational cannabis from paving the way for a burgeoning industry, like cannabis social clubs where weed enthusiasts can gather to enjoy pot-infused tinctures and edibles, or at least procure their faves and head on their merry ways. Toking up on club premises is still a no-no, but proponents believe that the law will soon allow for locals to light up in public, anywhere you can legally smoke tobacco.

Since Mainers are still waiting on recreational shops to open, visitors don’t have a way to legally purchase pot for recreational use in the state. You may get lucky, however, and come across one of the generous shops “gifting” marijuana to folks while they wait for the snails-pace legislation to pass.

Do you know how to determine
“The Right Cannabis Dosage”?

Maine Supports Cannabis Cultivators

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You can have as many as 18 Maine cannabis plants on the go!

While some states are content to let patients and persons with an affinity for pot simply purchase from state-run dispensaries, Maine has taken their laws that extra step further and provided Mainers over the age of 21 the right to grow up to 6 flowering plants on their property, plus an additional 12 plants in vegetative state, for a total of 18 plants altogether.

Marijuana Lovers Go Green in Maine

It’s your state-given right to plant your favorite Maine marijuana seeds inside or out, assuming your outdoor spread is not visible to the public, without the aid of binoculars or aircraft, and every plant has an identifying tag with your driver’s license or identification number.

When it comes time to plant, Maine’s guru gardeners suggest opting for auto-flowering Maine cannabis seed strains which, while proving an easier option for novice growers, also take into account the state’s shorter growing season (harvest usually occurs in late October or early November). Place your order today, and get your hands on popular auto-flowering strains like:

  1. Northern Lights
  2. Critical Purple
  3. Blueberry

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