Colorado is well-known as one of the most liberal states in the USA when it comes to the use of cannabis. Since 2012, residents of Colorado have proudly borne the right to use marijuana in a recreational or “private” manner – in other words, they don’t need to have a medical marijuana card or a doctor’s prescription to buy and legally use cannabis and Colorado cannabis seeds!

Where to Use Cannabis In Colorado

Until recently, the details regarding where cannabis could be used throughout Colorado were relatively vague. Amendments to the legalization bill were applied recently, and municipalities were asked to weigh in on how citizens are to understand the longstanding but poorly worded ban on cannabis use in “open and public” places.

In some cities, like Denver, cannabis can be used on private property, by the owner or leaseholder, and by anyone who receives permission from this authority. Whether or not this use can be seen from the street is a non-issue.

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Consuming Cannabis in Colorado

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There are a number of businesses in Colorado that now allow cannabis use on their premises.

Thanks to the liberality of Colorado’s marijuana laws, there are now a number of hotels and rental spaces that allow the consumption of cannabis – through smoking, eating, vaporizing, dabbing, and every other conceivable method – right on their property. Indeed, when you look at a marked map of the state, more than two-dozen 420-friendly locations are identified. Without a doubt, if you’re planning a trip that involves marijuana, Colorado is the place to be!

Travelers should keep in mind, however, that growing cannabis in Colorado isn’t permitted for non-residents.

In addition to these places to stay, it shouldn’t be surprising that the state is also full of wildly popular Marijuana Tours, which take visitors and natives alike on a pot adventure to venues like glass-blowing studios, grow ops, dispensaries, and other exciting locales.

Yet another opportunity for the curious cannabis connoisseur is a weed activity, of which Denver and the surrounding areas are rich. For instance, you can experience:

  • Puff, Paint, and Pass”, which is pretty self-explanatory,
  • Glassblowing classes,
  • Make-your-own Topicals nights, and
  • massage with cannabis-infused lotions

Have you ever considered
“Microdosing With Cannabis”?

Growing Cannabis Seeds in Colorado

As cannabis gains acceptability throughout the country, more and more people are looking toward an option that previously was widely regarded as something only shady, law-breaking drug dealers did: plant their own cannabis seeds and grow cannabis plants at home.

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In cities like Denver, Colorado cannabis seeds can be legally grown and cultivated!

In Colorado, cannabis gardening has been drawn out of the shadows and into the blazing sunlight – literally. Plenty of folks has started growing cannabis plants in both the privacy of their house and outside in their backyard. Colorado law states that everyone – not just medical marijuana cardholders – has the right to grow up to six marijuana plants per person of age living on the property, to a maximum of 12 plants. Only half the plants can be in the flowering stage at one time.

This home cultivation allowance means interested gardeners in Colorado are free and clear to both buy (and germinate cannabis seeds purchased from Growers Choice. (The purchase of cannabis seeds as “adult novelty products” is, in fact, always legal, so long as the seeds remain ungerminated.) With some of the finest cannabis seeds for sale, we’re proud to supply our friends to the east with premium products and an unreal germination guarantee.

If this post has you totally intrigued, we really must insist you try Colorado cannabis seeds from Growers Choice. We know we’re biased, but we honestly believe in the amazing quality and viability of our cannabis seed strains!

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