Decades ago, hippies from all across the U.S. descended on the state of California, and with them, they brought their liberal views and love of that hallucinogenic plant, cannabis. At the time, marijuana was considered illegal under federal law. When he realized that 90% of marijuana arrests were for simple possession, which was costing the state $100 million per year, the then-mayor of San Francisco introduced Senate Bill 95 proposing to downgrade possession from a possible felony to a misdemeanor. The state decriminalized pot in 1975 and became the first state to legalize medical marijuana use in 1996. That’s all good news for folks looking to buy cannabis in California.

How to Buy Cannabis in California

Cannabis tourism in California is in its infancy, and you’ll find one or two tours catering to fans of the potent plant. For now, cannabis consumption is relegated to your private residence, though you’re sure to find tokers lighting up a joint or two at one of the state’s many concerts and festivals. Though this is technically frowned upon, the local police won’t usually hassle you if you’re being discreet.

Local Californian Cannabis Strains

Cannabis in California is more than just a culture, it’s a lifestyle, and the fact that this state hosts yearly events like the Cannabis Cup (a contest that pits strain against strain to see which will come out on top) should prove that California natives are serious about their weed. A few cannabis strains can trace their roots back to the Golden State, like OG Kush, the grandmother of Cali strains and the fourth most popular strain statewide. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a West Coast strain that hasn’t been crossed with “Kush”. Though the woody-flavored Jack Herer was initially developed in Amsterdam it was transplanted to California. This popular sativa was named for local activist and author Jack Herer, who was dubbed the “Emperor of Hemp” after his children’s book, The Emperor Has No Clothes.

Can You Grow Cannabis in California?

Thanks to the Adult Use Marijuana Act, which passed in November 2016, now both recreational and medical marijuana users are allowed to cultivate cannabis on their private property, even outside! California soil is particularly fertile, making it an ideal growing medium for your precious pot seeds. Provided, of course, your bushy buds are kept out of sight of the general public, and in an enclosed or locked space. Contemplating taking advantage of your backyard? You’ll need just the right California cannabis seeds for the climate. Ideal strains for this particular climate include:

  • Blueberry
  • Northern Lights
  • Amnesia

Save the National Forest

Even though Prop 64 was passed, government officials are still finding illegal grow sites in the National Forest. At first, this may seem harmless, but cannabis is a non-native plant in these parts, and the introduction and grow methods can be damaging to the local ecosystem. How can you help? First and foremost, growing your own weed means you don’t have to purchase from unscrupulous gardeners. Second, if you love to hike and happen to come across or are suspicious the area might be being used for a marijuana grow site, don’t look around! Get out of there quickly and let the appropriate authorities know.