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Cannabis Facts You Never Heard of Before

cannabis facts you never heard of before

Do you consider yourself a bit of a cannabis connoisseur? A marijuana marvel? A weed wizard? That may all change today as we rounded up some lesser-known facts about the plant so many of us enjoy on a regular basis. When you’re done reading, be sure to drop us a comment down below if you learned something new in today’s blog. We’re constantly on a mission here at Growers Choice to spread knowledge, awareness, and activism surrounding cannabis—and your engagements make it all possible. Without further ado, here are seven cannabis facts you probably never heard of before…

Fact #1: Shakespeare wrote his plays under the influence

“To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question.” Okay, that was never written in one of Shakespeare’s plays, but it certainly is fitting. According to The Telegraph, “four pipes excavated from Shakespeare’s garden contained cannabis, suggesting, the playwright might have written some of his famous works while high.” Turns out, Shakespeare really was ahead of his time in using cannabis to spark creativity and the motivation to write some of the greatest plays of all time. The next time you need a boost of cerebral activity, turn to cannabis to get your best work done.

Fact #2: Cannabis is used to fatten up pigs

In Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom on the Himalayas’ eastern edge, locals use cannabis to fatten up their pigs to get them ready for…well, dinner. Apparently, locals have been using cannabis to their advantage for centuries, according to The Guardian—mostly to stimulate the appetite of their livestock.

Fact #3: WWII soldiers used cannabis as a truth serum

During World War II, soldiers purposely smoked out their prisoners as they believed cannabis acted as a truth serum. Soldiers would offer prisoners cigarettes laced with weed in order to obtain specific information. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Some cannabis strains turn us into extra-social and highly-chatty creates who just want to talk, and talk, and talk. WWII soldiers experimented with other drugs besides cannabis quite often.

Fact #4: The Hollywood sign once read “Hollyweed”

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, you’ve probably seen the iconic Hollywood sign up in the hills. I haven’t tested this out, but allegedly hikers can no longer reach the sign as there’s a surrounding fence to prevent tricksters from messing with it. What sparked this change? Around New Year in 1976, a group of pranksters vandalized the sign to read “Hollyweed,” according to a CNN report. It probably looked better than way.

Fact #5: Traces of cannabis can be found in the air in Italy

The next time you want to book a vacation, might we suggest one of these Italian cities?

  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Milan
  • Naples
  • Palermo
  • Rome
  • Turin
  • Verona

Based on a 2018 study from Italy’s Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research, trace amounts of cannabis—and cocaine—were found in the air of these cities. The highest concentration was found in Turin, with the lowest in Palermo. Additionally, traces of caffeine and nicotine were also found. Italy is (literally) lit! Have you ever been?

Fact #6: Women were/are excluded from weed clinical trials

Shockingly, the article made it sound like women are still excluded from many clinical trials involving marijuana. Even in 2020. What gives? According to WSU Insider, the hormonal imbalance in women would ruin, in a sense, the findings of a study. As their hormonal mood swings deem too much of an uncontrollable factor, researchers would rather test on men…and only men, which suggests cannabis-related research is only half complete.

Fact #7: Henry Ford invented a car made out of hemp

We’ve nearly reached the end of our cannabis facts round-up. One of the most well-known car empires, Ford, invented a model that ran on hemp bio-fuel in 194. Not only that but the car was mostly made up of plant material, according to High Times. “Ford and his partners made the car with “70 percent of cellulose fibers from wheat straw, hemp, and sisal, plus 30 percent resin binder. The only steel in the car [was] its tubular welded frame.” It doesn’t sound like the most road-safe vehicle, to be honest…but pretty cool in theory!

Want to Share a Cannabis Fact With Us?

In all your years of smoking or growing cannabis, surely you’ve heard a strange fact or two! We love hearing cannabis facts from our most dedicated buyers, growers, and supporters. Leave us a comment if you learned anything new in today’s article. With how rapidly the use of cannabis is growing, don’t be surprised if you hear even more facts from us or your friends. The opportunities are endless with cannabis!

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