Growers Choice makes it easier than ever to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona. You can order cannabis seeds online directly from our website, and we’ll also ship your order directly to your home. Perhaps surprisingly, Arizona is one of the country’s more progressive states regarding its stance on marijuana. The Grand Canyon State, which is often described as “one of the more socially liberal-leaning conservative states,” has shown itself to be as such in its decriminalization and legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana over the past decade-plus.

As such, not only can you buy marijuana seeds in Arizona from local seed banks and dispensaries as well as online, you are able to legally grow a certain quantity from the privacy of your own home provided you are not growing it for sales. I’ll get more into all the details around this later in this article. However, before explaining the key ins and outs of medical and recreational marijuana laws in Arizona, let’s first go over how legalization came about in this politically conservative, yet socially liberal state.

The Legalization of Medical Cannabis in Arizona

In the November 2010 elections, Arizona voters passed the Arizona Medical Marijuana Initiative, otherwise known as Proposition 203. Doing so made Arizona the 15th state in the nation to legalize medical marijuana. Prop 203 made it possible for both adults and minors to obtain a recommendation from a licensed physician who has the authority to recommend medical marijuana to officially state that they meet the qualifying conditions to apply for a medical marijuana card, which has to be renewed once every two years. Qualifying patients must also pay numerous fees to the state for this card. Buy marijuana seeds in Arizona today!

Those with medical marijuana cards are allowed to cultivate as many as 12 plants in an “enclosed, locked space,” and can legally purchase, transport, and/or possess as much as 2.5 ounces of cannabis or up to 12.5 grams of cannabis concentrates. Employers are not allowed to fire an employee if they have a medical marijuana card, but they are allowed to do so if the employee is using it on the job. Furthermore, in 2011, Arizona’s state lawmakers passed House Bill 2541, which basically allows employers to refuse to place any employee who uses medical cannabis in a “safety-sensitive position.” The passing of Prop 203 paved the way for the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana for adults exactly one decade later.

The Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in Arizona

In the 2020 elections, Arizona voters made their state the 13th in the country to legalize recreational marijuana for adult usage by passing the Smart and Safe Arizona Act, which is also known as Proposition 207. By voting “Yes” to Prop 207 along with other key electoral decisions, Arizonians voted for progress and change in more ways than one–not just for their state but for the country. Like alcohol, it is now legal in Arizona for adults 21 and older to purchase, possess, and consume marijuana. Just like with alcohol, it is not legal to give or buy marijuana for anyone who is under the age of 21. Private citizens may also grow up to 6 plants in the privacy of their own home, or if 2 or more adults reside there, no more than 12 plants can be grown. This means that even if say 5 adults live in the house, 12 remains the maximum number of plants allowed for recreational users.

Prop 207 made it legal for adults 21+ to buy and possess 1 ounce of cannabis, where out of that 1 ounce, or approximately 28.35 grams, you are allowed 5 grams of cannabis concentrates, such as wax or oil. If you are found to have more than 1 ounce but less than 2.5 ounces you could be found guilty of a petty offense, where the first time the civil penalty is not to exceed $100. Up until the passing of the Smart and Safe Arizona Act possessing paraphernalia was illegal unless you had a medical marijuana card. This meant that even owning growing equipment, baggies, bongs, etc. was considered a crime. However, it is important to note that it remains a crime to possess paraphernalia that is used for other kinds of drugs that are not cannabis. 

Two other important parts of Prop 207 are that police are no longer allowed to perform a warrantless search just because they can smell marijuana on or near you. The second is that although there are limitations, expungement was made legal in Arizona for minor, non-violent drug offenses. As is the case in many states where recreational cannabis has been legalized, employers have the right to make their business a drug-and-alcohol-free space and are legally allowed to fire you if you come in under the influence or have marijuana on you. In short, it’s completely legal to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Arizona

As stated at the top of this, you can easily and legally buy cannabis seeds at local brick-and-mortar seed banks and dispensaries in Arizona. However, the reality is that the selection is usually pretty limited and prices tend to be higher as store owners have to factor in things like overhead and monthly rent. As such, most Arizonans prefer to buy from online seed banks like Growers Choice Seeds because not only are our prices lower with the convenience of having cannabis seeds discreetly and directly delivered to their doorstep, but the options available are significantly greater

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