How Long After Switching To 1212 Will I See Buds

There are so many questions that come with growing cannabis for the first time. Notably, how long do growers have to wait before the flowering period? How many weeks does it take for a cannabis plant to flower? Keep reading to find out. So, once you have ...  Read More
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How Cannabis Can Help The Elderly

While using marijuana for its potential benefits of alleviating various conditions is a prevalent reason why many seniors use cannabis products, the truth is, there are many seniors who indulge in weed purely for its recreational, and fun psychoactive effects...  Read More
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How To Get A Medical Marijuanas Card In NC

The North Carolina Compassionate Care Act is currently waiting to be voted upon by the State’s House Health Committee and if it passes then be voted upon by the House. As such, North Carolinians will want to keep an eye on this important piece of ...  Read More
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Massachusetts Cannabis Seeds

No matter if you are a medical patient or adult who is 21+ and cultivating feminized seed strains of marijuana at home, your cannabis plants cannot be visible from a public space regardless of if you are growing them inside in your own indoor setup or as ...  Read More
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How To Get Medical Marijuana Card In MA

On November 20, 2018, the first recreational dispensaries in the Bay State opened their doors and made their first sales. Since then the state’s medical marijuana program continues to expand and invite more patients to join, so long as they apply for a ...  Read More
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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In VA

Are you thinking of getting a medical marijuana card in Virginia? The state continues to expand its medical marijuana program, giving patients more opportunities to apply for a card of their own. Read on to learn more about cannabis in Virginia. On 1 July 2021...  Read More
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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card In PA

Despite the fact that the “Keystone State” of Pennsylvania has some of the strictest recreational cannabis laws in the tri-state area, it did manage to legalize medical cannabis in 2016 when then-Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 3 (SB 3), which ...  Read More
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