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  • what does marijuana taste like?

What Does Cannabis Taste Like?

posted by: on Jun 07 2018

The life of a cannabis connoisseur involves lots of different factors for discussion: organic vs. non-organic growing, long vs. short vegetative stages, trichome and pistil appearance at harvest, curing time … These things require an intimate knowledge of cannabis gardening, but one thing that almost anyone who has ever tried cannabis can weigh in on [...]

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  • the importance of heat when using marijuana

Vaping & Dabbing: Does Heat Matter?

posted by: on May 31 2018

Two things have become popular at national and international cannabis festivals. Even cannabis purists cannot deny that vaporizing dry herbs and cannabis concentrates, as well as dab rigs, has taken the place of straight smoking in the cannabis community. With both vaporization and dabbing, there is something that everyone who chooses these methods of ingestion [...]

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  • marijuana for allergy treatment

Can Cannabis Help Allergies?

posted by: on May 24 2018

As you may know - or have personally experienced - it is possible to have or develop a cannabis allergy. One may be allergic to a certain strain, a certain ingestion method could bother them more than others, or they may be unable to grow the plants in their home. What you may not know, [...]

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  • other cultural words for cannabis

Traditional Cannabis Names

posted by: on May 17 2018

Part four of our "What's in a Name" series is here, and we’re going back to our roots (may they always be flourishing and free from rot!). Cannabis might have an extensive timeline in North America, but it certainly didn’t originate here nor do we have a monopoly on interesting history. Let’s take a peek [...]

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  • greening out getting too high

“Greening Out”: There is Such a Thing as Too Much

posted by: on May 03 2018

When it comes to partaking in the sticky icky, there’s a first time for everything, and anyone who loves cannabis who says they have never “greened out” is probably telling porky pies. It doesn’t matter what you’re indulging in – chocolate, movies, shopping, etc. – too much of a good thing can be bad, and [...]

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  • neurological dangers of cannabis

Can Marijuana Harm the Brain?

posted by: on Apr 26 2018

Benefits of Cannabis Cannabis comes with a huge list of medical benefits. Even states that have yet to legalize cannabis for “recreational” use (which is often just medical use by people who can’t get a doctor’s note for their anxiety, depression, fatigue, or other symptom) are recognizing the treatment and curative properties of the plant, [...]

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  • cannabis farmer grows Megan Markle strain

Megan’s “Markle Sparkle”: A Pot Present Fit for a Princess

posted by: on Apr 19 2018

Written By: Melissa, Staff Blogger Arguably more famous for her pending nuptials to a certain red-headed royal, Meghan Markle is about to be awarded with one of cannabis culture’s highest honors – having a pot strain created just for her. Californian actress and now activist Markle is known for her supporting roles in television shows [...]

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  • cannabis landrace strains

All About Landrace Cannabis

posted by: on Apr 12 2018

Landrace Cannabis Scrolling through the seemingly endless options of cannabis strains available online, you’ll find yourself hard pressed to come across anything that isn’t a beautiful hybrid of indica, sativa, or ruderalis. Supply and demand, my friends – the people have spoken, and what they want is variety: super potent cannabis strains that taste great [...]

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  • other names for cannabis blog

More Cannabis Nicknames

posted by: on Apr 05 2018

Back to learn more about the nicknames of cannabis? By the time we’re done here, you’re going to be a font of (maybe slightly useless) information and a real hit at parties! Today, we’re going to look at some “street” names of cannabis - basically, names that have grown out of the plant’s place in [...]

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  • thc vs cbd

What Is The Difference Between THC and CBD?

posted by: on Mar 29 2018

Lots of people have tried cannabis at some point in their lives. Whether they sampled an off-the-street baggie of low-grade weed as a rebellious pre-teen or copped a medical card early on for legitimate symptoms or simple “relaxation”, you can use cannabis, love cannabis, or consider yourself a vocal advocate and still not necessarily understand [...]

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