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6 Ways to Make Your Cannabis Last Longer

posted by: on Feb 15 2018

Wish your cannabis buds lasted a little longer? Whether you grow your own marijuana from feminized cannabis seeds or buy from a dispensary, these quick tips can help you make the most of your stock. Six Ways to Make Your Pot Last Longer Dole Out Your Pot If you feel like you should be getting [...]

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Where Does Cannabis Come From?

posted by: on Feb 08 2018

We all have our favorite strains, and the symptoms we personally choose to alleviate with the all-natural alternative that is cannabis. But even as folks tout our top picks and wax poetic on the wonders of this plant, it’s not uncommon for many people to know very little about the origins of this healing plant. [...]

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Which Countries Smoke the Most Pot?

posted by: on Feb 01 2018

Where do you think the people who smoke the most pot live? Would you guess a country like Jamaica (because it’s the seat of the Rastafarian religion), or the Netherlands, due to the way they’ve largely embraced the culture, and how Amsterdam is one of the most popular pot-related vacation destinations? In fact, according to [...]

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Cannabis in Hawaii

posted by: on Jan 25 2018

The state of Hawaii, Paradise of the Pacific, made history when the local government made the progressive decision to decriminalize medical cannabis back in the year 2000 through a state bill rather than a ballot measure (maybe their attempt to chill everyone out after the Y2K bug scare?), but this relatively liberal state has some [...]

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2017 Books About Marijuana

posted by: on Jan 18 2018

It's time to look at cannabis lit again, but this time we're talking recent writes. These five books were published just last year, so you know you're getting the latest and greatest information available on their unique topics! Which of these new reads is going on your list? New Books on Cannabis What's Wrong With [...]

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Cannabis in Arizona

posted by: on Jan 11 2018

The deepest thing in Arizona may be the Grand Canyon, but that won’t stop you from getting high – on medical marijuana, that is. Legal in this state since 2010, patients here who suffer from a relatively short list of qualifying conditions (compared to other states in the nation with a more liberal view of [...]

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Plants That Look Like Marijuana

posted by: on Jan 04 2018

Have you ever wandered down the street or driven along a country road and stopped short because you just saw a bunch of plants that look like cannabis growing right in plain view? While this sight is likely to get more and more common as home cultivation laws continue to advance, up to a few [...]

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Is It Ok To Use Marijuana Every Day?

posted by: on Dec 21 2017

Marijuana has lots of excellent qualities. It can help ease chronic and acute pain, soothe the muscle spasms of multiple sclerosis and eradicate the seizures caused by epilepsy. It helps people fall asleep, lessens the effects of PTSD, and can even heal skin irritations. But even good things can become problematic in large quantities. Is [...]

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Cannabis in Washington

posted by: on Dec 14 2017

They don’t call Washington the “Evergreen State” for nothing – this is one of the more cannabis-friendly state’s in the nation, and has been since November 2012, when recreational cannabis laws were passed. Whether you are here for the coffee (Seattle was the birthplace of the painfully ubiquitous Starbucks), or keep coming back for the [...]

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Cannabis and PMS

posted by: on Dec 07 2017

A warm welcome to our guest blogger! Marisa Timko is the content manager at TheVape.Guide - a leading site for all things vaping. TheVape.Guide is the authority for device and product reviews for dry herb, concentrate, and e-liquid vaping. We test, review, and rate vaporizers, e-liquids, e-nails, grinders, trays, and more. They also specialized in [...]

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