You probably know that eating cannabis makes most people hungry. And not just the tummy-rumbling sensation that reminds you it’s almost dinnertime – sometimes you’ll be overcome with the all-encompassing, eat-everything-in-sight, full-fledged Munchies.

Why Does Cannabis Cause the Munchies?

There’s a number of reasons scientists believe cannabis causes an increase in appetite. THC and other cannabinoids have been found to cause the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter than makes you happy when you eat. THC may also encourage the release of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. Some research also suggests cannabis compounds kick up the sensitivity of the olfactory lobe, which makes everything smell twice as tasty.

So, what do you do if you know you’re a regular marijuana snacker, but you require a daily dose of medical cannabis?

  1. Don’t rely on self-control.
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Cannabis might leave your fine-tuned self control in the dust!

Self-control is great. It gives us the ability to stop talking when we’re about to say something insulting, and to put away the box of cookies after taking just one or two. Some people have loads of self-control, others not so much. When it comes to marijuana, the latter might actually be better suited to dealing with the Munchies.

Don’t think that just because you’re awesome at capping your candy intake at one handful of M&Ms, you’ll be able to ignore the full bag of potato chips on your kitchen counter once you medicate. It’s very possible that whatever self-control you had before you ingested some THC will be long-gone within minutes.

The best way to make sure you don’t eat all the junk food in the house while you’re high? Don’t keep any junk food in the house!

Also, remember to put away any cannabis edibles you might have lying around. We don’t want to encourage you to eat them all to get rid of them, obviously, but you don’t want to end up taking too much THC because the Snack Zombie you’ve become just discovered more food!

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  1. Keep healthy foods around.
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Having healthy snacks on hand could keep you from hunting down junk food.

Think meal-prep. If you chop up a bunch of crunchy veggies, pop some lightly buttered popcorn, or bake a tray of kale chips before you take your dose of cannabis, once the Munchies kick in, you’ll only have the healthful foods to turn to.

If you’re not really the sliced veggies sort, consider picking up some semi-healthy alternatives that will let you indulge a bit without leaving you in a sugar coma and 3000-calorie surplus. Grab a bag of rice chips or some sorbet to satisfy your THC-induced cravings without all that excess trans fat and sugar.

If you want to have a bit of control over when your high ends, you can also keep some snack foods on hand that can counteract the effects of THC and help you wind down. Foods like pistachios and citrus fruit can help bring you back to normal, thanks to the pinene and citric acid they contain.

Anytime you’re medicating with cannabis, or using it recreationally, remember to take care. Read our blog posts about driving after using cannabis and combining marijuana with other medications to get educated on consuming this healing, all-natural medicine as safely as possible.

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