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Marijuana is not only a hot commodity but it is a hot topic these days. Just Google marijuana and legalization and you will literally see hundreds of articles. The laws are changing so rapidly all over the world that is a wonder that anyone can keep up.

The Philippines are next on the list for legalizing medical marijuana along with the Swiss, and now New Zealand.

In Canada we are fortunate, medical marijuana is legal, and has been since August of 2016. Recreational marijuana will be legalized effective June of 2018. Unlike the U.S. A., our laws cover the entire country and are not broken down by province. This makes things much easier for lawmakers, and users alike.


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For years a stigma has followed those people who have self-medicated using marijuana. They were the ‘stoners’, people that were looked down on by a society who thought there was something to be ashamed of by using marijuana. The tables are reversing so fast it makes a person’s head spin. Now people are applauding those ‘pioneers’ that worked so hard and so diligently to push through the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana. It is an exciting time for the industry and equally as exciting for the people who benefit from the attributes of this delicate plant.

For a plant that has been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments and symptoms, it is making one big hullaballoo all over the world. It’s about time that people have the choice between dangerous pharmaceuticals and an all natural way of treating their illnesses.

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Having said all of this, it is legal to buy Whitehorse marijuana seeds. Your best option to date is Growers Choice online services. You will not only find it easy to order from our new streamlined website, you will also find our door to door delivery method a welcome new time saver in your life.
Choose from over 40 feminized premium grade Whitehorse marijuana seeds through our convenient online catalog. The 40 marijuana seeds that are for sale are comprised of:

  • 17 Auto-Flowering
  • 6 high-based CBD
  • And 21 Regular strain

Each Whitehorse marijuana seed is accompanied by a photo of the plant, and a detailed bio covering:

  • Genetics
  • Hybrid stats
  • Growing tips
  • Health benefits to name a few.

Whitehorse Pot Seeds Delivered

After selecting the Whitehorse pot seeds that you want to order simply allow the website to guide you through the payment process. At this time you are able to select your method of delivery as well. All of your Whitehorse pot seeds will be shipped at one low flat rate shipping fee, no matter how many you order.
We have you covered when it comes to your privacy as well. Every pot seed order that we ship to Whitehorse will be sent out in nondescript packaging with absolutely no labeling on it that would indicate what is inside. We recognize that, especially in smaller towns and cities, it is important to many people to keep their marijuana purchases to themselves.

Our 90% germination guarantee is one of the top guarantees in the industry. And works exactly how it is worded. If less than 90% of your Whitehorse pot seeds sprout, our company is happy to replace your duds with fresh product.

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Whitehorse Customers Happy to Find Online Marijuana Seed Company

I have nothing but good things to say about Growers Choice. Discreet delivery, fresh seeds, equals a happy medical marijuana user, and grower. I take off my hat to you guys, you have a great business here.

Pierce A., Whitehorse, Yukon