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Critical Purple Auto-Flowering 10R / 90I 27% THC Evening
AK Auto-Flowering 50S / 40I 19% THC Evening
American Haze 80S / 20I 20.04 THC Daytime


Montreal Marijuana Seeds

So you want to grow your own Montreal marijuana seeds? The best place and only place you will need to visit to buy your marijuana seeds is Growers Choice. Our company’s streamlined ordering and fast door to door delivery is the reason so many customers are looking to GC for all of their Montreal marijuana seeds.

Marijuana Seeds For Sale Montreal

Buying your Montreal marijuana seeds is quick and convenient. Having a company you can depend on that is reliable and has an excellent reputation will have you feeling confident that you will always get the Montreal marijuana seeds that you have purchased. How often has it happened when you have purchased marijuana seeds from a friend of a friend only to spend the time growing them and find out that they are not what you wanted at all. That will not happen when you order your Montreal marijuana seeds online with Growers Choice.

Why Green Crack is a classic

There are some cannabis varieties that seem to be popular with just about everyone, and Green Crack is indeed one of those strains. You’d be hard pressed to find a dispensary that doesn’t carry Green Crack, and here’s why: it’s a fantastic daytime strain that boosts your energy level, focus, creativity and your mood. And it’s easy to grow! With hardly any effort on your part, you’ll get a healthy yield in just six to eight weeks, which is reason enough to plant this strain in your garden. Like every seed sold here at Grower’s Choice, our stock of Green Crack is guaranteed to be fully-feminized, so you won’t have to worry about weeding out male plants.

Break Open a Pack of Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

Buy Marijuana Seeds Montreal

Growers Choice has made it their mission to help their customers with their natural health and well-being. They feel proud to be able to offer you a line of 40 premium feminized Montreal marijuana seeds for you to choose from.

Our experts have worked for 2 decades putting together an extensive catalog that will offer only the finest genetics available on the market today. Couple that with our 90% germination guarantee and you will feel confident that you have found the right Montreal marijuana seed provider for you.


Get Marijuana Seeds Montreal

Buying your Montreal marijuana seeds online is legal as it is anywhere in Canada.

To order simply visit our website ( and choose from 3 categories of pot seeds. We offer you 17 Autoflowering, 6 high-based CBD, and 21 Regular strains. Once you have decided on which Montreal marijuana seeds are the best for you click ‘buy now’ and your ordering process has begun. Just three more
quick decisions are needed:

How many do you want to buy?
How would you like to pay, and what is your preferred shipping method?

Our streamlined website is one of the most user-friendly shopping experiences you are likely to ever have. Should you run into a problem, our professionals are just an email or live chat moment away.

Medical Marijuana Seeds in Montreal

More information is coming out every day about the benefits of medical marijuana seeds. And when you’re shopping for medical cannabis seeds, you want to be sure you’re getting the right strain for your symptoms. Here at Growers Choice, we want you to have all of the information you need about the different medical cannabis seeds available, and we make sure it’s easy to find. Browse our library of articles about the medical benefits of marijuana, that includes details about treatment and the latest research. You can also find out more about what ailments can be helped with marijuana, along with a whole lot more on the Growers Choice website.

And we don’t just stop there. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you ordered. Our medical cannabis seeds are lab-tested and genetics guaranteed. Medical marijuana seeds offer an easy choice to turn to for natural relief and the therapeutic benefits are extensive. When you’re suffering with issues like chronic pain, fibromyalgia and arthritis, low cost, effective solutions that offer support can make all the difference.

Delivery Montreal Pot Seeds

For optimum freshness the moment you send your Montreal pot seed order to us we get to work and carefully hand-pick your pot seeds. They are placed in medical grade vials that will ensure freshness and safety while they are in transport to your home. Your Montreal pot seeds will arrive at your given address in as little as 7 business days.

All of our shipments are placed in generic packaging that does not provide any hint to anyone what is inside. We understand your privacy is important to you and we respect that in every way at Growers Choice.

Montrealers are Impressed by Packaging and Delivery of Marijuana Seeds.

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