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Northern Lights Auto-Flowering 80I / 10S / 10R19% THCDaytime

Marijuana Seeds Quebec


When looking for Quebec marijuana seeds head straight over to Growers Choice. Our informative website will have you placing your order online and your marijuana seeds on their way to you in as little as 7 business days. If you ever have any questions about the status of your seed order, please do not hesitate to contact customer service via phone or email. We’re happy to re-send all tracking information! Be advised that shipping takes a little longer during the summer months when everyone starts growing their plants outdoors. Still, even at our busiest times, shipping should only take 5-14 business days.

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Ordering your Quebec marijuana seeds online is so easy you will wonder why you never did it before. No more struggling to find a reputable source in the province of Quebec. Now there is one you can deal with online from the comfort of your own home – Growers Choice.

Ordering your Quebec marijuana seeds online is as easy as ordering your favorite take-out. Simply log on and search our catalog of 40 feminized premium Quebec marijuana seeds. Our comprehensive catalog is sure to have the strain that you are looking for.

Choose from:

Our professionals have painstakingly poured over our selection of Quebec marijuana seeds and have written detailed bios that should make shopping for your strain easy. If you have any difficulty our experts can be contacted via email or online chat and will be happy to help you as soon as they are available. With so many strains readily available, we completely understand if the process is overwhelming or even confusing.

  1. How are you supposed to know which strain you’ll enjoy the most?
  2. How are you supposed to tell two indicas apart?

That’s where we come in! We’re the seed experts, after all. We help to craft these seeds with a desired effect in mind. Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us if you need help choosing a strain.

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After selecting the quantity and paying for your transaction we set to work carefully hand-picking and packing your order to meet your satisfaction. Every order that we ship is placed in discreet packaging that does not give any indication of what the contents are. Even though buying Quebec marijuana seeds is legal, as it is across Canada, we know that most people would rather keep their shipments private. We respect this and ensure that we do everything to make our customer as comfortable with our online ordering and delivery system as possible. In Quebec, the legal age for purchasing marijuana seeds is 18.

Ease chronic pain with Great White Shark

Looking for an indica dominant blend that’s easy to grow? Great White Shark is not only simple to raise from seed to flower, but it will reward you with a strong yield. With just a smidge of sativa to keep you from passing out, Great White Shark delivers a buzz that lasts a long time, and alleviates all sorts of medical symptoms.

  1. Boosting your appetite
  2. Easing chronic pain
  3. Reducing stress
  4. Alleviating anxiety
  5. Coping with PTSD
  6. Helping to treat depression
  7. Dealing with migraines

Great White Shark feminized cannabis seeds are a perfect choice for medical and recreational users alike. And with a yield up to 700 grams per square meter indoors, you’ll be flush with this bud for a long time.

If Great White Shark isn’t your cup of tea today, why not try one of our other high-CBD strains? Growers Choice has a vast collection of high-CBD seeds, all of which are considered medical strains with countless benefits to the brain and body. CBD has long been used to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and so on. It’s even used by consumers who do not wish to experience the psychoactive effects of cannabis’ THC chemicals. In most cases, high-CBD strains have a low THC profile. Great White Shark is a prime example of that. We also love our Critical Purple seeds for its relaxing, soothing effects. Our collection of high-CBD seeds can be found right on our homepage.

Da Dum, Da Dum! Great White Shark for Sale
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Quebec Pot Seeds

Your Quebec Pot Seeds are covered by one of the best guarantees in the business. Our 90% germination guarantee speaks directly to our confidence in the freshness of our product. Should 10% or more of your Quebec pot seeds not germinate Growers Choice is happy to ship you new seeds to compensate you. And when it comes to buying medical pot seeds, you want to be certain that you’re getting exactly the strain you ordered.

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When you’re growing marijuana to treat cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, or any other medical condition, you want to be sure you’ve got the right strain. We take your health seriously at Growers Choice. That’s why our seeds are lab-tested and genetically guaranteed, not to mention hand-selected. 


We don’t just stop with providing you with quality seeds, either. We also make sure you have all the details you need to make an informed decision about your purchase. It’s important to know what to expect with each strain you buy, and how it can help you treat your medical symptoms. Under the description of each strain we sell, you’ll find information about what you can expect once you’ve harvested. And that’s not all. We’ve also put together an exhaustive online resource that includes the latest research on how medical pot seeds can be used to help you treat your symptoms. At Growers Choice, we want to help you stay informed, and get the best pot seeds, no matter what.

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What is High-CBD Based?

Cannabis Seeds in Quebec

Growers Choice high-CBD based strains are hybrids whose predominant component is CBD. CBD or high-based CBD varieties are commonly used for medicinal purposes. Using them will not result in any type of psychoactivity given the absence or insignificant amount of THC. As a result, this is a common method that his now being used with some children, especially those dealing with debilitating seizures.

Adults are frequently using CBD strains when they are dealing with:

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Migraine
  • Seizures
  • PTSD
  • Panic Attacks
  • Fibromyalgia and more

Patients commonly use CBD based strains when dealing with the symptoms of these disorders/diseases because it allows them to stay focused and continue functioning in a normal matter throughout their day. Users do not engage in the proverbial high that is so common with other strains of marijuana. For example, when used in an edible form such as candy or gum, someone that has a desk job can remain effective at work while still managing their pain or anxiety.

One of the things that make Growers Choice Seeds so special and unique from other seed banks out there is our shipping. Even though all of our business transactions are done online, we have marijuana seed warehouses scattered across North America that make our shipping time fast and efficient. Want to see what all the hype is about? We deliver cannabis seeds to the following cities:

…and more!

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