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Marijuana Seeds Summerside

Summerside is the only city in PEI that has a medical marijuana dispensary. Having said that, many people are not fond of going to dispensaries because they do not necessarily want other people to know their business when it comes to their afflictions and the fact that they are turning to marijuana or have been using marijuana to enhance their lifestyle.

As a result, many people are looking to Growers Choice online for their Summerside marijuana seeds. As a well-respected leader in the industry, Growers Choice experts are always working with their customers to assist them into the right strain for their natural health needs.
Growers Choice is pleased to give you the option of ordering from our catalog of 40 premium feminized Summerside marijuana seeds and having them delivered discreetly to your door.

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Are you aware that 1 in 4 Canadians will deal with some sort of mental illn

ess at some point in their lifetime? In a lucky few it will absent itself from their lives and in others it’s an ongoing battle, feeling like you are pushing yourself through mud day in and day out. Doing tasks that came to you easily now cause you alarm and worry for no real apparent reason at all. Extreme cases can lead to agoraphobia which is the desire to not leave your home. In most cases, its related back to the anxiety attack itself. The sufferers do not want to embarrass themselves by having an attack around people. Even if it is people who would understand or they do not know. It is an exhausting, daunting way to live your life. Frequently sufferers will feel like they are losing their bearings, their stomach will turn upside down, feel nauseous, faint, and essentially like they are going to pass out or even die. Welcome, Mr. Panic Attack…where have you been my old friend.

There are pharmaceuticals on the market that will help people deal with these issues, however, finding the right mix can take months if not even years sometimes. And then some of them can be highly addictive so doctors will only prescribe ‘so much’. Then around and around the mulberry bush, we go. The doctor has what you need to give you a break, but you can’t have it because it is addictive. Enter marijuana stage left.

All people need when they are suffering severe anxiety, OCD, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety is a break, a complete break from the spinning of one’s mind. If that can’t be done through a pharmaceutical marijuana is seemingly coming to the rescue. Typically a high-based Indica plant that lends itself to what is known as the “couch stone”, and helps the sufferer to zone out and empty their minds for a much-needed break could be the right strain for you.

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Order your Summerside pot seeds online with Growers Choice and you will receive some of the finest genetics available on the market today. Grow your own seeds and have complete control over your plants and the conditions they are grown under.

All of our Summerside pot seeds are shipped with a 90% germination guarantee. If less than 90% actually sprout our company is happy to reimburse you with additional seeds to make you whole again.


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Bye Bye Anxiety! Growers Choice Marijuana Seeds are Top Notch.

My anxiety is so bad at times I can’t even picture leaving the house, my self-esteem has plummeted and I don’t feel like I can look anyone in the eye. Trying marijuana was my last and frankly only resort. I am happy to report my anxiety is so much better. Oh, it still lurks around, but I am finally regaining control of my life again. Thanks to Growers Choice and all of their help, we found the right strain. I wanted to write to let people know if it will help me it can help someone else.

Kyrsten T., Summerside, PEI
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